How Do I Not Screw My Relationship Up

It takes quite an effort to find a person up to your taste. There are plenty of articles written to assist us through such issue. Anyway, if you are going to live in the same room 24/7, you will figure that love bears a down-to-earth attribute as well. At times your relationship can feel so easy, other times unbearably difficult. That is why we came up with these six tips that can save your love and help you get the best possible outcome. As they say, when it comes to dancing tango, it doesn’t require two to screw up.

Trusting is fundamental

This one is trivial. But in the same time, it can prove to be the hardest in relations. Do not only show but prove your feelings. For example, there is no need to burn of jealousy when she goes out with male friends. There is no need to share your private information, say, on social media accounts. Otherwise, your nest can turn into a fighting pit for who is right and who is wrong. Trust is the only proven element in your chemistry to pass the test of time.

Appreciating each other

Plenty of couples break up just because they take the benefits of relations for granted. For great justice, this problem affects not only lovers. People get kicked out from work because of it. Notice every new detail in your best half, whether it is a new dress or sexy lingerie let her know that you are not blind, that your senses are as sharp as ever and that you like what you feel when she’s near. It’s as simple as that.

Speak yourself out

Perhaps when Elon Musk starts serial production of neural interfaces enabling us to communicate telepathically, she’ll be able to read the mind of her beloved cyborg. Until then, don’t cloud yourself and let her/him figure what is going in your mind. Love may seem like magic, but same as with art, there is a tremendous work behind the curtains.

Use “we” more often than “I”


This is essential to strengthen or destroy your relations. Now that you share some space together, the gaps between your personalities narrow and thus, you both become vulnerable to excessive display of individualism selfishness. It doesn’t mean you should conceal your personality. After all, being unique is what makes you so dependent from one another. With this tip, you can succeed on date with Ukrainian women online.

Individuality development

Although we mentioned that you benefit from a little sacrifice to the bowl of “we”, it is vital to find the right balance and embrace your personality. Going out without your partner is normal. Keep in mind that every time you compromise makes a small part of you fade and so does the sparkle between two of you. Giving each other enough space to do shine outside your house so you start missing each other and come back home wishing to see your best half more eagerly.

Giving your love

Words of showing your romantic feelings are never enough, when in love. Say it as often as you can, don’t get too corny and surprise her/him when there is a chance! Such acts show you found something unique and valuable to each other and brings more meaning to your relations.

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