Most Common Signs of Low Testosterone in Young Males

Signs of Low Testosterone in Young Males

It isn’t uncommon for people to blame testosterone for reckless male behaviour. But while too much of it might lead to aggression and hypertension, the lack of it isn’t cool either.

Earlier, it was the common opinion that it’s mostly older men who face low testosterone level;a condition which is famously as male menopause. However, nowadays it is also becoming quite prevalent in younger men too. Let us take a look at some of the major symptoms that this could result in.

1. Reduced Sex Drive

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Although not exclusively responsible for it, testosterone plays a key role in your sex drive. And if your sex drive isn’t the way it should be, it might be responsible for that. That’s why your testosterone level is one of first things that you should check when experiencing low sex drive.

2. Difficulty Maintaining an Erection

Testosterone doesn’t cause erection; it rather instigates one of the key chemical reactions that help in maintaining it. It does that by stimulating the receptors in the brain which end up producing Nitric Oxide. In case you don’t know, Nitric Oxide is one of the molecules that trigger the chain of reactions that ultimately lead to erection. Lack of it would result in difficulty in achieving an erection.

3. Low Semen Volume

Semen Volume

Apart from taking care of other sex related functions, testosterone also aids in producing abundant semen that ultimately serves as a carrier of sperm and help it in its mobility. Any reduction in it would reduce the semen volume too.

4. Hair Loss

While balding in men is common, if it also includes loss of facial and bodily hair, reduced testosterone could be the reason behind that.

5. Loss of Muscle Mass


Considering the fact that anabolic steroids that are used for body building contain mostly testosterone, it’s no wonder that less testosterone means less muscle mass. However, apart from muscle loss, it doesn’t affect any other characteristic like function or strength.

6. More Body Fat

People with less testosterone count sometimes develop conditions like gynocomastia, which is basically extra-large breast tissue. An imbalance between testosterone and oestrogen is often suspected as its cause, which could also lead to increase in the body fat.

7. Loss of Bone Mass


There’s a condition called Oestoporosis that involves reduction of bone mass. While it is mostly women who suffer from it, men with low testosterone level also lie at a risk. This condition ultimately leads one to be more liable to suffer from a bone fracture.

8. Smaller Testicles

The male body utilizes testosterone for the development of both testicles and penis. Therefore, low testosterone could result in a smaller sized testicles; at least when you compare it with that of men having normal testosterone levels.


While low testosterone could become a hindrance to living a normal male life, by focusing on your lifestyle and finding and utilizing your nearest testosterone for sale, you can go on living a normal life. Since there are many medical conditions that result in reduction of testosterone, if the problem persists then you should get yourself examined by someone who is an expert in the field.

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