Modern Ways To Fight Drug Addiction

Fight Drug Addiction

In a world where new technologies are invented and implemented every day, the medical industry is always working to develop modern, more effective methods to battle drug addiction. Drug addiction garners much attention, as this public health problem costs around an incredible 200 billion each year. In 2013, only around 11 percent of people who needed specialized treatment for drug addiction received it. This means that making treatments more accessible to those who need them is a priority.

Keep reading to learn more about some of the new methods available to you. They might make all of the difference in fighting drug addiction once and for all.

Use New Apps

Technology is embedded in the lives of people around the world. From a young age, people are exposed to desktops computers, laptops, tablets, phones, and other electronic devices that tap into the internet. According to Apple, iPhone users have between 60 to 90 apps on their phones at any given time. What if the accessibility and familiarity with technology were used to counter drug addiction? Computer-based applications that teach how to change behavior have been shown to enhance recovery. Participants in these studies fail fewer drug tests than those without tech support. It is time to get a new favorite app.

Use New Medications

Use-New-MedicationsAnti-drug addiction medications have been around since the mid-1900s. Today, around 12 types are available, with improved effects relative to those of the past. Used properly and in tandem with therapy or counseling at inpatient facilities, these medications are highly effective. Some medications work by making drugs unappealing to the body. They block feel-good chemicals such as dopamine that the brain releases during drug use. Other medications make drugs unappealing by causing nausea and other extremely unpleasant symptoms. With these medications, using the smallest amount of a certain drug can cause big problems.

Use New Tools

The market for tech tools designed to battle drug addiction is flourishing. One of the best tools to date are e-cigarettes. Over the last decade, this device has undergone significant change to make it the ideal device to wean drug addicts off of nicotine. This electronic inhaler looks and feels like a cigarette, providing a simulation of the smoking experience. Low-level nicotine dispersal provides a stimulant, void of tars and toxins contained in traditional cigarettes. What can other tools be used to mimic the drug use experience and break bad habits?

Use New Vaccines

Use New VaccinesCreating vaccines for drug addiction seems like a hoax, but this modern option is working. One example of drug vaccinations is nicotine vaccinations, which suppress the high sensation of inhalant drugs by stopping the nicotine from reaching the brain. This vaccine is unique because it reduces withdrawal symptoms and attacks the brain’s dependency on drugs. Only a few trials on this emerging solution have been conducted, so it is hard to imagine how far this new technology will be used to counter other drug addictions.

Look Ahead in Treatments

Medical care and treatment options for drug addiction are always in the works. Generating more options for recovery means that there will be fewer people who suffer from drug addiction. If past strategies have not been effective, consider integrating more modern methods into your recovery plan. The hope is that using these new advances in tandem with longstanding anti-drug addiction strategies such as therapy, more people can find relief from drug addiction than ever before.

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