Knee pain management after a replacement therapy is essential for a proper recovery

knee replacement therapy

The recent report of the bone and joint journal highlighted a very interesting study, which was focused on the statistics and other factors of knee replacement treatment and procedures. Researchers at The National Institute Health conducted these studies, and they are a part of the research for patient benefit program.

There were close to 250 volunteers who agreed to be a part of the study and these were people, who opted for knee replacement surgery. The prime focus of the study was to understand the different ways that people can adopt for pain management and effective recovery after a knee replacement surgery or treatment. Let us have a look at the findings of this study, and at the different highlights that provide some very useful information and techniques.

The traditional way of pain management during the surgery

knee replacement surgery

The femoral nerve block is the traditional approach which is used by doctors at the time of a knee replacement surgery. This is a local anesthetic and a single dose of it is given in the groin, right close to the femoral nerve.

However, the study indicated that surgeons could take an alternative approach by injecting a specialized formula, high with anesthetic agents, close to the knee joint. With the help of this injection, the surgeons can makes sure that no special equipment is needed  as the process will become easy thereafter.

After surgery pain management recommendations and techniques

knee replacement therapy

Further on the study also highlighted that the use of drugs like morphine for pain management should be avoided. Morphine can cause serious side effects if it is given patients who have just gone through a knee replacement surgery. Furthermore, instead of high doses, a low dose of painkillers is recommended. It can be as effective and helpful in pain management.

Alternate therapies that can help in pain management

knee replacement therapy

In another study, the findings indicated how people, who are opting for knee replacement surgery, could be benefitted by alternate medicine such as Reiki. This alternate form of treatment not only helps to reduce the blood pressure levels but also reduces the pain that a person may undergo after the knee replacement surgery.

Furthermore, the studies also stated that, people who have adopted alternate medicine like Reiki have had a shorter medical stay in the hospital after the surgery. In order to conduct this study, a group of volunteers were divided into four groups who were then taught the different forms of Reiki for a certain amount of time every day. These people were scheduled to undergo a knee replacement surgery.

These people utilized the help of Reiki to recover from the pain they experienced after the surgery. During the entire course of the study, the team of experts monitored and observed these patients very closely so that they could see the development and result that this form of alternate medicine had on them.

The growth in requirement of knee replacement surgery

knee replacement therapy

Experts and researchers have been keeping a constant watch on the statistics and numbers of people who are opting for knee replacement surgery every year. The results and finding of these studies pointed out that, over the past few years, there has been a growth in the number of people, who are opting for knee replacement surgery.

Apart from that, the other areas that were focused on consisted of the duration of the hospital stay after surgery, as well as the medication and management.

The alarming fact is that many times the pain management can actually be controlled without the need of taking any medications in high dosage. It was also indication that people actually managed the pain well by adopting the right kind of lifestyle, using alternative forms of treatment, and going through the right pain management therapies.

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