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Cardiac Rehab is important for people who have survived a heart attack

by DrPrem Jagyasi

Surviving a heart attack can be a crucial experience. This near death experience can lead to drastic changes in your life. On an average, statistics show that the number of heart attacks that occur every year is growing by the numbers. What makes it even more startling is that, after surviving the heart attack, many patients forget to focus on the main factor of joining a cardiac rehab center. Once a person has survived a heart attack, he is supposed to make changes in his lifestyle and diet. He must learn various other essential things about the necessary aftercare.

The shocking truth


According to various studies, researches and surveys, the shocking truth that has come out in the open is that patients who have various kinds of cardio related problems often do not go through a cardio rehab program. These patients are not just at the risk of developing further complications and problems; however, their rate of survival is also reduced. The different factors that were highlighted as to why these patients do not go to such centers were equally alarming.

So what really happens in the cardiac rehab center?

The whole motive behind these kinds of programs is to provide patients with all the necessary information that they need, and to show them a new way of living life even in the midst of their condition. Through these programs, patients will get to know

  • How to exercise safely and improve their health and physical fitness
  • Adopt the right kind of diet, which is beneficial for their heart
  • Learn how to manage the various risk factors that can come along with their condition. This includes even various cardiovascular risks
  • Follow and adhere to a treatment plan that is ideal for them
  • Understanding and focusing on social lifestyle and emotional health 

The importance of this program


This is a life saving program that cardiac patients can use to understand the various risk factors of their condition as well as to learn the different prevention methods and techniques for future cardiac events and heart problems.

Investigated research reports on this front clearly state that people who have attended the cardio rehab program have learnt how to live with their condition. They have also learnt the various preventive measures that can help them in future. 

One on one counseling

This center specially caters to patients with different kinds of cardiac problems. Here the specialists are not just trained personals, but also have in-depth knowledge about the various heart conditions and provide one on one counseling.

Lifestyle changes based on their present condition


The recommendations and regime suggestions are purely based on the condition of the patient. Along with that, they also train patients to alter their lifestyle and even teach them a few exercises that can help in improving their condition and making it easy for them to manage.

Reduces the chances for another attack or death due to an attack

Studies have also pointed out that, in comparison to patients who stand-alone therapies, the rate of death in such patients is reduced by at least 25%. Similarly, the patients who are prone to the various heart events have around 30% chances of not developing them. These programs also help to reduce the changes of heart surgery as well as the possibilities of having another heart attack.

Helps to monitor and control the present condition


Even the success rate of controlling the various other factors such as cholesterol and high blood pressure is reduced. This is because these programs help to make patients self-efficient in handling their present condition. It continuously monitors the patients to ensure that there are no compromises made on their health and well-being.

A few other factors that are covered in cardio based rehab programs include

  • Reducing of medicines needed to control their heart condition due to the change of lifestyle, which helps to improve their condition
  • Chances of hospitalization reduces if not prevented to a drastic level
  • Proper weight loss and management tips and techniques that can help them improve their condition.
  • Making the right kind of diet choices, which are not just good for their heart but also for their overall well-being.
  • Choosing the right kind of nutrition required for their body based on the present condition
  • Learning the art of proper emotional wellbeing and reducing their stress levels.

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