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Keep up your healthy looks as a busy mom

by Dr Prem Community Writer
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Over the years, it has been proven again and again whether you are a part of the working moms’ group or not, being a mother is one of the hardest job profiles for sure. From the day you conceive to the day your precious bundle of joy becomes a beautiful girl or boy jetting off to college, your work never seems to finish. Mothers, by way of instinct, tend to devote their time and energy toward their kids. Significant particulars like home management, meal planning and even time with friends undergo drastic changes. All goes for the comfort of our little ones.


However, nurturing our babies and pre-school toddlers can take a toll on us. This happens when we get so caught up in routine. We forget to look out for ourselves, and even as ‘work at home moms’ we end up looking sleep-deprived and older than we actually are. And most times, we do not notice the crucial change until standing in front of the mirror one day. And we suddenly do not recognize the person we see. Sounds familiar?

We decided to check out some ways every mom can use to keep up her fresh looks whether she is breastfeeding, weaning or having a pre-school toddler on her hands.


We noticed it’s quite easy for moms to pay less attention with time to what they eat. Especially working mothers who bustle out of the house by 8 am, grab a ham sandwich and Diet Coke during lunch hours and come back to cook, then fall asleep being too tired to eat their own food. Paying attention to your nutrition by gradually changing what you grab during lunch can help. Go for fruits or vegetables. Try munching on an apple or a carrot, and get generous on the water intake. These natural foods are packed with minerals that would help your skin retain its glow. Also, eating a lesser quantity of processed foods is a good start.



Our daily schedules as moms are, no doubt, hectic down-and-out. My mom once said something like “A woman’s work never seems to end”. I couldn’t agree more. Dealing with your stress levels will require some tough discipline. Try getting a soak when your baby is asleep. Or you could hand him over to Daddy for some time while you take a hot shower. Planning out your activities is also helpful. Get a busy mom planner calendar and try to make notes of what you tend to do each day. This way you will be able to fish out weed-like activities. When you’re having stress with paper work, contact https://eduzaurus.com/research-paper-writing-service to help you. Like the 3 hours, you spend on Facebook catching up with memes – a perfect opportunity to sleep and renew your energy. All your activities might be good, but not all are right for you. Especially with a baby in your arms, social media might have to wait.


This goes without saying: there is practically NO time to stay fit at home. Spending time taking care of everyone can take the toll on you. But with a little time management, you can actually turn the little things you do every day into exercise opportunities. For example, instead of rushing and taking the elevator, plan to wake up a little earlier and use the stairs. A 5-min jog in the evening around the house will also do you some good. Planking using your dining chair while keeping an ear for your cutie’s voice is also worth trying. Or keeping him/her beside you while you slug it out on your exercise mat.

Motherhood can be a challenging period, even for ‘stay at home moms’. But having a supportive spouse and family, a few tricks up your sleeves and a lot of determination motherhood can shine on you. And what makes a happier mom than the one who has learned to balance most of everything without her little ones lacking anything?

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