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10 Reasons for Lazybones to Join a Gym

by Dr Prem Community Writer
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There are so many exercise options available today from online videos to yoga classes and other paid training programs. But what about just joining a gym? With a wide range of equipment available and other added amenities for members to use, there are lots of reasons for joining a gym. Here are just a few.

1.  Accountability

Most gym memberships charge a monthly or annual fee. If you’re paying for a service, you’re more likely to use it. Money is a great motivator and the same holds true when it comes to paying for your gym membership.

Once you’ve signed up for a gym, you’ll feel a certain sense of responsibility and accountability for attending. You may say to yourself, “I have to go at least three times a week”, and that’s three more days of exercise than you were getting before! You may also feel accountable to the trainers and gym staff who have become accustomed to seeing you on certain days and at certain times. Knowing “John” will be wondering where you are holds you accountable to showing up.

2.  Classes

Don’t be fooled into thinking the gym only offers equipment like treadmills, weights, and rowing machines. Sure, most gyms have those staple items but they also offer a wide variety of classes. If you prefer a structured or directed workout regime, many gyms offer classes at various times throughout the day.

Most gym classes include, but are not limited to:

  • Yoga/Pilates
  • Zumba
  • Spin
  • Boot camp

Most gyms offer classes as part of your monthly membership fee, but read your contract to be sure.

3.  Variety of Equipment

Live a healthy lifestyle

Working out at a gym means having access to a wide range of equipment. It’s not practical for many people to have multiple fitness machines in their home. At a gym, you can use the treadmill or elliptical for a cardio workout before hopping on the weight bench, leg press, or foam roller for stretching. A local gym can be your one stop shopping facility for fitness. Some gyms even offer chiropractic and massage services also.

4.  Self-Confidence

Feeling good about yourself often comes from within and what better way to feel good about the way you look and gain self-confidence than by working out? Even before your body begins to physically change, the act of setting up a workout routine and sticking to it offer feelings of accomplishment, instantly boosting self confidence!

Once you stick to your plan, you’ll start to see physical changes and you can express your newfound self-confidence in different ways, like wearing muscle shirts and tank tops to the gym. Don’t be afraid to show off your hard work.

5.  Socialization

Convert your pram to a gym

Hitting the gym means getting out and meeting new people. You’ll likely find like-minded individuals at your gym. People looking to improve their health and reach their own goals. Start a conversation with someone as you wait for the treadmill or ask someone to spot you as you bench press.

Did you know that socialization can actually benefit your health? And not just because you’re doing it at the gym, socialization can actually improve brain health and help lower your risk of mental illnesses, like dementia. Spending time outside the house will also help boost your immune system and could even help you live longer.

6.  Improved Health

Exercise helps improve your overall health in many different ways. We’ve discussed how leading an active and social lifestyle can improve mental health, but what about the overall physical benefits of joining a gym?

Regular exercise helps reduce cholesterol levels, which helps your blood flow more smoothly and helps prevent cardiovascular diseases. When you’re using your muscles regularly, you’re improving the flow of oxygen in your body and strengthening your bones, reducing your risk of developing arthritis. Exercise can also help prevent stroke, diabetes, and certain types of cancer.

7.  Weight Loss

weight loss

This is probably the main reason people join a gym to begin with. Including regular exercise as part of a well-balanced diet is the key to weight loss. Most weight loss is achieved in the kitchen. Ask your gym’s nutritionist for a sample menu based on your recommended caloric intake for the day.

But it’s important to note that pairing regular exercise with proper diet is what will catapult your results, allowing you to reach your goals much faster than simply dieting alone. It’s recommended that you exercise approximately three hours per week, which often equates to three days a week, if your workout sessions last an average of 60 minutes.

8.  Knowledgeable Professionals

Joining a gym means gaining access to knowledgeable and trained professionals in the fields of health and fitness. Most gym staff members are trained in the basics of fitness and nutrition. Not sure which exercises will help target your “problem” areas? Ask a trainer for some tips and sample exercises that will help you combat that stubborn belly fat, tone your arms, or strengthen your legs.

Most gyms have nutritionists on staff as well. These individuals can help pair your new workout regime with a balanced diet that will help get optimum results. Utilize the resources that your gym has to offer.

9.  Stress Relief

stress free

Another amazing benefit of exercise is that it reduces stress. That means that hitting the gym a few days a week can actually prevent depression and help ease anxiety and other daily stressors.

A sweat sesh at the gym actually helps your brain to release certain endorphins that improve your mood and leave you feeling happy and relaxed. When you’re mind is focused on your body’s movements during exercise, it’s less focused on those things that were causing you stress to begin with. After an intense workout, your mind is more clear and able to tackle any issues you might have. Even better, you may have forgotten your troubles all together!

10.      Get Motivated

Joining a gym is the first step in your journey to become motivated to work out and better your life. Attending a gym means being surrounded by other people that will inevitably motivate you to continue your journey and reach your goals. There’s something to be said about a group mentality and this holds true in the gym as well.

Other individuals training around you will motivate you to push a little harder and show up day after day. No one wants to be labelled a quitter!

Get Moving!

Now that you see the many benefits of joining a gym, you can find one that fits into your price range and your schedule. Some gyms offer 24 hour services, while others will offer classes at certain times. Find what works best for you and you’ll be amazed at the numerous benefits joining a gym can have on your life!

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