Is a Career in Healthcare the Right Option for You?

career in healthcare

Careers in healthcare are some of the most lucrative options in the United States, but would it be the right option for you? Answering this question is not easy for most of us because there are so many factors to consider before being able to answer without any doubts. To help out professionals who are thinking about switching jobs or improving their career prospects, and students on the verge of choosing a career path for themselves, we will now discuss certain factors and topics that might make that decision a little bit easier to make.

Are You Extra-Sensitive About Blood and Human Internals?

Sensitive About Blood
Sensitive About Blood

Most of the career paths, and the training required to get there, involve regularly dealing with the sight of blood, organs and various disease and disorder-induced abnormalities that would make most people who are not familiar with all that, very uncomfortable. The good news is that our brains get used to such sights and it doesn’t affect us that much after a while, but some of us are more sensitive to blood, organs and viscera than others, which would make job-satisfaction an alien concept for them if they work in direct healthcare. The excessive sensitivity to such sights may also hinder the person’s ability to apply the acquired education and training in real-life scenarios, making direct healthcare an unsuitable choice of career. However, there is still opportunity for them to be involved in indirect healthcare and mental healthcare, as this is a vast industry with numerous opportunities, which actually leads us to our next point.


Have You Considered All the Options?

The thing about healthcare is that this is such a diverse field that it is very unlikely that you won’t find anything that will appeal to you and suit your needs at the same time, even if you are extremely sensitive to the perils of direct healthcare, as discussed above. However, there is no denying that doctors, dentists and nurses earn some of the highest wages in healthcare and they are of the most use when it comes to directly helping patients through physical illness as well. As a result, they are always going to be the most lucrative options for most students, but they are certainly not the only ones.

Physiotherapists, psychotherapists and pharmacists also earn quite well and assist patients in ways that the other more celebrated professionals in the medical field simply cannot. There are various other options as well, that range from being a medical assistant or a clinical lab technician, to being a genetic counselor or even an occupational health and safety expert. Take your time and go through all the options that you have, estimate the tuition fees, and the time which will be necessary to complete the respective courses. After that, consider your own preference and financial position, before choosing a career path in healthcare to follow. 

Are You a Working Professional in Healthcare Already?

career in healthcare
career in healthcare

If you are a registered nurse, working fulltime at a hospital, or any other healthcare facility to begin with, the choice should be easy, because you are already in the field and all you need to do is get a higher qualification for broadening your career prospects beyond what they are right now. Check out Carson-Newman’s online RN to BSN, RN to MSN to FNP, MSN to FNP and PMC to FNP courses by clicking here on

All of these online courses are accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE), and they are designed for professionals who lead busy lives in healthcare. Therefore, you will get all the flexibility you need to accommodate the course within your schedule. By the end of it, you will have both the education and the qualification necessary to be more productive in your current role. This will open up new gates to higher paygrades and positions within the healthcare industry. 

Do You Have the Nerve for It?

Working in healthcare is tiring and particularly so, if you are in direct or emergency healthcare. Unlike most other jobs, lives may depend on your dedication and ability to hold your nerve when something goes wrong, which it will at some point or another.

Our medical science has not managed to reach that place yet where every patient who comes into a facility can be saved, so dealing with death will be a somewhat regular affair and sometimes, watching people suffer is a hard ask. Having said that, as a healthcare professional, you will also constantly be able to save lives, ease sufferings and change lives for the better, which is a pro that outweighs the cons significantly. Even then, you will still need strong nerves for those times when things don’t really go as planned.

Are you really interested?

career in healthcare
career in healthcare

The career options are plenty in the healthcare industry, but before you choose a path, do some skill or interest matching first. For example, do you have a tendency to look after others when they get sick? Do people sometimes call you up for advice on OTC meds and home remedies for various problems because you just know these things? If people seek advice from you all the time about their personal lives, being a therapist is a lucrative option to help people deal with social and mental issues.

Perhaps the most important characteristic to have if you are thinking about joining the healthcare industry is the will to help others out. The education and the training will empower that will with the actual ability to do so in life and death situations. On the other hand, if you are going to choose a career in indirect healthcare, then think about what it would entail and if you find that particular field of work to be an exciting prospect and motivator? Being good at your profession for a long and prosperous career requires more than monetary motivation, so make sure that there is some aspect to the career in healthcare that you are about to choose that you find exciting and suited to your own skills and interests.

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