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Fastest Ways to Burn Fat

by Dr Prem Community Writer
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Nearly half of the country’s population admits to wanting to lose weight. Whether it’s 10 pounds or 50 pounds, losing weight isn’t easy. It’s no secret that it takes ample exercise and a well-balanced diet to promote healthy weight loss. But knowing exactly what exercises to perform and which foods to eat can speed up the process quite a bit. Be sure to take your measurements, weight, and pictures both before and after starting your journey. This way, you can clearly see your results. Check out this post for more information on how to measure body fat loss. And keep reading to discover some of the fastest ways to burn fat and reach your weight loss goals.

Lift Weights

Lift Weights

There’s been a long standing misconception that lifting weights results in bulking up. While bodybuilders do rely on weight lifting to build muscle, strength training is also one of the fastest ways to burn fat. Women have shied away from weight lifting for years, out of fear of developing a “manly” physique. The opposite is actually true. Incorporating strength training into your workout routine builds lean muscle and burns more calories than cardio exercise alone. In fact, following a strength training workout, your body burns calories for hours longer than any other exercise. When combined with aerobic or cardio exercise, strength training can increase fat loss and boost your metabolism.

Pack on the Protein

A well-balanced diet of vitamins and nutrients is important for any weight loss plan. But incorporating plenty of protein can actually speed up the fat burning process. Protein is also responsible for helping build lean muscle, reduced appetite, and curbing your cravings. High protein diets have been credited with a reduction in belly fat and increased metabolism. Be sure to incorporate several servings of protein into your daily diet. The best sources include lean meats, seafood, eggs, legumes, and low-fat dairy products. While protein shakes and bars are okay in a pinch, don’t rely on these too much as your main source of protein.

Drink Heavily

Drink Heavily

We mean water, of course! Alcohol is public enemy number one when it comes to burning fat. Water, on the other hand, helps keep you hydrated for those intense workouts, but can also help you feel fuller longer. Did you know that most often when you feel hungry, your body is just dehydrated?

The next time you feel hungry or start craving a snack, drink a tall glass of water and wait 15-20 minutes. If you’re still hungry, grab a nutritious snack. If the feeling passes, it simply means you were in need of a drink. The recommended daily water intake is often subject for debate. Some people say you should drink eight, 8 ounce glasses of water per day, while others recommend half your body weight in ounces (so if you weigh 130 pounds, you should drink 65 ounces of water). Whatever math you decide to use, just be sure to drink enough water to support your activity level and control your appetite.

Get Your Beauty Sleep

One of the main reasons people try to lose weight is to boost their confidence and improve their overall appearance. If you’re looking to feel and appear more attractive, sleep is your friend. Not only does ample rest leave you feeling energized and give your skin a youthful feel, but it also attributes to fat loss and overall calorie burn. Sleep may also prevent future weight gain. It’s reported that lack of sleep can alter your body’s nature hunger cues, leading to increased appetite and obesity.

Adopting a healthy sleep schedule is another key component in getting enough rest. Try going to sleep and waking at the same time each night. Limit the use of electronics before bed or foods high in caffeine, sugar, and fat (though these shouldn’t be in your diet anyway!) Your body and mind recover during sleep. So, in order to function at optimum levels and promote healthy functions (including weight loss); try to get between 6 and 8 hours of sleep per night.

Don’t Forget the Fats


Wait, aren’t you supposed to eliminate fat from your diet to help burn it? Yes and no! While saturated fats found in things like butter, fatty beef, some cheeses, fast food, cookies, cakes, and processed foods can wreak havoc on your body (and waistline), there are some healthy fats your body needs to lose weight. That’s because healthy fats have the benefit of making you feel fuller, longer and can also prevent future weight gain.

Things like avocados, certain oils, nuts, and seeds take longer for your body to digest, keeping you full long after you finish your meal. But like with any food, it’s important to eat healthy fats in moderation. Too much of any good thing can have negative effects. Healthy fats may contribute to a reduction in belly fat as well, which is a main problem area for many people.

Coffee is Key

Believe it or not, the caffeine found in coffee might actually help you lose weight. In fact, most fat burning supplements contain caffeine as one of their main ingredients. Caffeine acts as a stimulant, which causes an increase in your heart rate and energy levels. Coffee (caffeine) interacts with your body’s central nervous system.

This not only boosts energy but also increases your metabolism and helps your body break down fatty acids. Another added bonus is that when used correctly, coffee is a great substitute for a sweet treat or high-fat snack. Try using almond or coconut milk in your coffee and natural sweeteners like cinnamon or honey. This makes your sweet tooth happy, as well as your waistline.

To sum up

People are constantly searching for the secret to weight loss. And while there’s no one-size-fits-all cure for burning fat, following a few of these suggestions can help. The foundation of weight loss is a healthy diet and exercise. But every little helps. Get creative with your approach and remember these tricks of the trade.

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