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How to Keep Yourself in the Best of Health before Working Abroad

by Dr Prem Community Writer
Maintain basic hygiene

When it comes to preparing yourself to work abroad, there’s a pretty good chance that your health is not at the top of your list. It’s very understandable, as you don’t only have so much paperwork to take care of in order to make your trip and your new job as smooth as possible, you also have to get into the mindset of leaving your loved ones behind and getting adjusted to life in a strange new country.

However, just because it’s understandable doesn’t mean you should forsake your health. The consequences of doing so can be nothing short of disastrous, especially when you’re overseas. To help you get back on track, here are some tips to keep yourself healthy before working abroad.

Get some international medical insurance right away, preferably from a reputable insurance provider

medical insurance

No one can ever predict what will happen in the future, especially when it comes to your health. While you may be healthy and hale now, there’s no telling if and when you’ll need urgent medical attention, either due to a sickness, health condition, or injury. Having international medical insurance means that you’ll be covered no matter where you are: at home or overseas. So if you’re aiming to develop a career abroad, do the responsible thing and get the medical insurance that will ensure that you get the best medical care available whenever you need it.

Get a complete physical checkup from your doctor

This should be done preferably weeks before your flight. Have everything checked out to make sure that you’re not only fit for the stress of the journey ahead but also to find out if you need anything taken care of, health-wise, before your trip. If you have any preexisting conditions, ask your doctor if there is anything new you need to do when managing them from overseas. If you take prescription medicine, make sure to ask if it needs changing or refilling. You should also take this time to get vaccines for diseases that could be endemic to the country you’re going to. Be sure to ask your doctor if you’re not sure.

Visit your dentist

Dentist at work

If you have a few cavities that have been bothering you or you’ve been putting off that wisdom tooth impaction surgery, make sure to have them taken care of before you leave. Dental surgeries and operations abroad can be expensive, even with medical insurance. Better to get them out of the way now than later.

Bring a well-stocked medical kit

A first-aid kit that can take care of simple injuries, minor sicknesses and ailments should always be within your reach, or at least nearby. This should still be the case when you’re working abroad, so be sure to bring one along with you. Stock it with bandages, aspirin, antiseptic cleaner, bug repellent, anti-diarrhea medicine and other essentials. If you have a chronic condition you’re taking prescription medicine for, pack away some in your first aid kit so that you have an emergency dose in case you unexpectedly run out.

Bring condoms


If you are planning to be sexually active while working overseas, then ensure you always have protection with you. No matter where you are, the risk of sexually-transmitted diseases are always present.

Maintain basic hygiene at all times

We’re not just talking about taking showers every day or ensuring that you change your underwear and socks regularly, but also washing your hands after using the restroom, as well as doing so before and after eating. These practices not only help you look and feel better, but they also go a long way in ensuring that you don’t accidentally pick up any germs or harmful bacteria while working abroad.

Working overseas will always be an adventure no matter where you’re going, but this doesn’t mean you have to expose yourself to health risks that you can easily avoid. Keep the above list of tips in mind and you’ll be sure to stay healthy in your host country.

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