How to get rid of swollen toes and fingers in winter

swollen toes

Winters can be rough on your skin. They are harsh and too cold in many parts of the world and result in a number of skin related problems. One such very troublesome problem is this situation people find themselves in where they have swollen toes and fingers in winter. Here are some tips on how can get rid of this condition which is medically termed as chilblains. There are also many home remedies for swollen skin which we will inform you about.

Some home remedies to heal swollen toes and fingers in winter

  1. Mustard oil:
    Mustard oilThe ancient wisdom from Ayurveda speaks about how effective mustard oil can be in curing of such skin problems. This oil warms up the skin in general and is an amazing agent to improve the blood circulation in your body. So massage the oil on the affected area twice a day and see the healing begin. If however your skin does to adjust to this oil and it is irritating you can replace it with coconut oil for effective results.
  2. Additives to mustard oil: Four oils can be added to mustard oil to increase the effectiveness. These are namely, rosemary oil, myrrh oil, lavender oil and peppermint oil. Just ensure that your skin is not reacting adversely to any of these and you are good to go. The addition of about 15 drops for every ounce of mustard oil and then the application on swollen toes and fingers in winter works wonders to relieve you of your pains.
  3. Patch tests are a must: While all of this is a natural treatment, it may not necessarily be the right product for your skin. Patch tests are a must before you apply them on a larger area. This will just make sure that in case your skin is not suited you can stay away from these products or any one or two of these products. 

Things to know to cure and treat swollen toes and fingers in winter

  1. Avoid sudden temperature changes: It is a popular myth and people follow it widely that they simply try to keep the affected skin warm. Much more important though is to make sure that the temperature changes are not sudden. In this particular condition the blood vessels fail to increase also the blood flow does and this results in the excess blood leading to swelling of your skin accompanied by itching. So tackle this problem by avoiding the temperature changes as much as you can. This will be nipping the problem in the bud as if you can actually maintain this, chances of you suffering chilblains is rare. So if you are wondering how to get rid of chilblains apply the above mentioned procedure.
  2. Protect the hands and feet from dryness:Protect the hands and feet from drynessWhen one suffers from chilblains, dryness of the skin only aggravates the problem. Winter naturally means that there is a certain amount of dryness in the air. You can in no way tackle this if you cannot protect the hands and feet from being dry. So keep a moisturizer handy and choose one that suits your skin. Some oils can also work wonders in keeping your skin moisturized. Any kind of trauma to your skin should also be avoided. So if you plan to not have swollen toes and fingers in winter, ensure that you stay clear from very tight or lose shoes in the cold months.
  3. Keep yourself warm: As simple home remedies for swollen skin, make it a point that you are keeping yourself warm. We already told you how important it is that sudden temperature changes are avoided. Also keep in mind that if you keep yourself warm, you would fight chilblains better. Use warm clothing and be covered enough to keep warm. You can add warm soups and hot beverages to your diet in the cold seasons. Try staying away from any kind of cold beverages and remember that the diet also plays an important role in healing and fighting chilblains. Add some spices like ginger and turmeric to your beverages for the best of results.
  4. Exercise and quit smoking:quit smokingA key to fight swollen toes and fingers in winter is to increase the blood circulation in your body. If you exercise regularly it keeps your heart healthy which is a key to improving blood circulation. Habits like smoking do a lot of damage to the circulation levels and so it is important that if you are a smoker, you should quit. If you perform abdominal breathing, it too would help you in improving the overall circulation in your body.
  5. Use certain products: There are plenty of products in the market which will help you get rid of chilblains. Apart from medicines and ointments that your dermatologist might prescribe you, we will tell you about two such products which generally help in the cure from swollen toes and fingers in winter. 911 Panthenol is loaded with the goodness of shear butter and heals and repairs your skin conditions. Akilhiver Akilwinter chilblains cream is another such product the application of which helps the recovery from this skin condition.
  6. Consult a doctor if these do not work:
    Consult a doctorAll these tips and tricks that we offered are supposed to be enough to heal your chilblains. So if it still isn’t getting any better consider seeking the opinions of a doctor. Your dermatologist will have some specialized treatment which you can avail of and your healing process would be fastened and effective. So do not delay seeking medical help if you see these methods fail over a period of time.

Final words

How to get rid of chilblains is a doubt many of you share and we hope that this article would do enough to satisfy those queries. The entire process of relief and natural treatment that we mentioned would do you a world of good. So go ahead and waste no time in implementing them. Having swollen toes and fingers in winter is a very uncomfortable problem and you deserve to find a cure.

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