Completely natural ways of getting rid of cellulite

getting rid of cellulite

Cellulite is the sub- dermal fat stored under the skin giving a signature of orange peel or cottage cheese which cringe women to go for jeans rather than shorts. Some people may have a genetic cellulite predisposition while other may have some hormonal issues. Poor circulation, extended standing or sitting periods at one place, frequent smoking and poor diet are also some of its contributors. There are many surgical and expensive chemical solutions to offer fast results, but there are some of the extremely good and natural ways of getting rid of cellulite and reduce unwanted fat all round the body.

12 natural ways of getting rid of cellulite

  1. Staying hydrated:

    taste of waterIf you aren’t in taking a good amount of water, your body won’t be effective in breaking down cellulite. For this reason only, keeping the body hydrated is the golden rule of getting rid from the bumpy fat. This would potentially drain down a large amount of toxins from the fat cells of your body. When the cellulite is broken, any chemical content stored will be released back in the body. It is critical among the important natural ways of getting rid of cellulite.

  2. Dry brushing:

    After getting down with your water intake, try dry brushing for eliminating the cellulite. This is the most effective natural remedy to get of cellulite from the body. In many cases, women have seen a significant decrease in the cellulite appearance in just a month. Dry brushing opens up the pores and removes dead cells, helping the body to get cleansed and allowing the toxins to exit easily. Through this method the stimulation and circulation of collagen gets improved leading to a smooth and strong skin.

  3. Coconut oil:COCONUT

    There are numerous health benefits of coconut oils along with the ability to increase the metabolism, improve the elasticity of skin and reduce hunger. Using coconut oil as a moisturiser after dry brushing treatment is among the best natural ways of getting rid of cellulite and can immediately boost up the health of your skin. You may add a couple of teaspoons of coconut oil in your everyday meal to improve the overall health of the body and reduce fat. It is an excellent way of treating naturally the excessive cellulite around the body.

  4. Coffee scrub:

    A sample mixture of warm water and coffee grounds have been reported best for women. Using this scrub for 10 minutes twice a week on the cellulite affected area can produce desired results. After 4 weeks of start, some exceptionally good results can be seen by you.

  5. Derma roller:

    Derma rollerA self treatment from derma roller is painful, especially if tried over sensitive areas. But it is another tried and recommended method of stimulation of collagen production in the epidermal cells. Make sure that you have a high quality derma roller as needles on the roller are far likely to get broken or bend.

  6. Rosemary/ juniper oil:

    Try using juniper and rosemary essential oils as the natural ways of getting rid of cellulite. This could have a positive impact on skin and help the body in getting rid of the toxins hidden in the muscle and fat tissues. For making a detoxifying moisturizer, about 10 drops of juniper oil and 10 drops of rosemary oil with 100 ml of jojoba oil should be mixed. Apply it daily post bath or after derma rolling to strengthen and detoxify the skin. By this method noticeable results could be seen in just a week.

  7. Birch oil:

    Birch-oilNatural oil for skin strengthening and reduction of cellulite appearance is the birch oil. It is made of birch and a mixture of other natural oils that work in the similar way as rosemary or juniper oils work. Apply such home remedies daily after bath or in combination of derma rolling.

  8. Rose hip seed oil:

    Rose hip seed oil is another potential source of fatty acids and vitamin A which is a great moisturiser and promotes healthy and strong skin. If used regularly following the derma roller or by itself, the rose hip seed oil will promote a healthier and thicker skin with awesome elasticity which is greatly helpful in treating naturally the appearance of cellulite.

  9. Better circulation:

    -blood-circulationProper circulation can eliminate and prevent cellulite. Try to avoid such cloths which have tight elastic bands which may restrict the flow of blood to thighs, hips or other cellulite prone areas. If there is soreness during physical excursuses, the tight muscles could also restrict the blood flow. Perform yoga or stretching exercises to loosen out the cramped tissues and improve the circulation of blood.

  10. Self- massage:

    Doing self- massage daily can cure the cellulite problem excellently. By stimulating the flow of blood and breaking down the toxins stored the cellulite; self- massage can metabolize the fat cells of the body and reduce their size making them unnoticeable. Myofascial massage can be used as a step further in this remedy using a foam roller. This technique soothes the skin by releasing out fascia from the tissues. It is best for women.

  11. Changing diet pattern:

    vegan-dietFinally a change in diet is necessary to combat cellulite in the body. Consuming less carbohydrates and simple sugars and including more fibre in your diet can improve the digestive health of your body. Replace out unsaturated fats like vegetable oils rich in Omega-3 with fats like avocado, almond or olive oils. Trade out the sources of trans- fat such as margarine promoting lauric acid and coconut oil for boosting up the skin health. Avoid excessive consumption of sodium. Focus on eating more fresh veggies and fruits with high content of water like dark green leafy vegetables, cucumbers and melons to increase the elasticity of skin and detoxifying the body.

  12. Apple Cider Vinegar:

    Mix some apple cider vinegar with 2 parts water and some honey to rub on the affected areas and finally rinse it with lukewarm water. It will not eradicate the cellulite but will reduce its appearance. Also try making home remedies like body wrap of apple cider vinegar by mixing it will equal amounts of water.

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