How to Avoid Disrupting Your Efforts to Live Healthier

Deciding to live a healthy life is a smart move, but it can quickly go downhill if you don’t have a positive mindset. Here are some ways we tend to backtrack when it comes to living a healthier life and tips to help you grow. 



Self-Sabotage in healthy living can come in many forms. One good example of it is if you were to go on a strict diet and force yourself to eat all foods that you hate. If you try to force yourself to eat foods that you hate, you will eventually quit the diet and indulge in or binge on the things that you do like. The result may be a massive weight gain, which could make you quit your diet. So, set yourself up for success by laying out a clear plan and reminding yourself that you might have to eat some things that aren’t your total favorite.

Workout Procrastination

time frame

Leaving things to the last minute is a counter-productive act that makes it difficult for you to meet the goals that you want to meet in a designated time. It’s usually an unconscious act, but it’s just as detrimental as it would be if it were a conscious act. The key to self-improvement is avoiding waiting until the last minute self-sabotage; so, you need to gain a firm understanding of what your goal exactly is so you can hit it in a certain timeframe.



Another common act of self-sabotage would be if you fail to warm up before you work out because if you don’t, it may cause you to get an injury. A similar mistake is failing to put on the proper attire for physical activity. Discomfort which is easily prevented by wearing insoles for heel spurs with the correct kind of footwear, can lead to reduced willingness to continue with regular exercise. The pain takes the blame for why you gave up, but the pain could have been avoided by making smarter choices.

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