How memory foam technology can help you with back pain?

lower back pain

Out of five adults, four experience back pain. You might have also suffered from it, and not know the reason why. The answer could be as simple as a mattress which does not support your back as it should. If you are in constant back pain, you can function as you should and life can become quite miserable. But mattresses made using memory foam technology can make a huge difference to relieving your back pain.

How the memory foam technology works


A single night’s bad sleep can cause pains and aches all over your body especially the back. So if you have a mattress which is very hard or sagging, it can do a lot of damage over time, as it does not give your body proper support.

Memory foam technology is the best solution for back pain, as it takes the shape of your body, or rather, it molds to the shape of the body. This means that it provides full body support and is unique to each user. You can find detailed explanation on

Memory foam mattresses are better than soft or hard mattresses

Whether you sleep on your back, front or side, your sleep can be hampered by a traditional hard mattress, or by a too soft mattress which dips under your weight. These mattresses cause pain in the lower or upper back, and worse, may even cause spine curvature. Memory foam beds keep your spine straight, and absorb the weight of your body, regardless of your sleep position.  This reduces your back pain and you can enjoy a good rest at night.

According to some studies, 81% of memory foam mattress owners are happy with their buy.

Memory foam technology is used to make orthopedic mattresses


These mattresses are sold as orthopedic mattresses too. In Scandinavia, they are used as part of the treatment for those patients who suffer back pain.

A study by NCBI set out to claim that memory foam technology can be used in Orthopedic medicine.

Patients who suffered from stiff neck or lower back pain were included in the study. For the first 42 days, they slept on spring mattresses and for the last 42 days, they slept on memory foam mattresses. They showed significant improvement not only in their pain but in their sleep quality as well.

How to choose the right memory foam mattress

Choose the mattress according to the shape of your body, and ensure that the upper layer or the memory foam portion is deep enough to mold to your body shape. A layer of 3-4 inches is for medium sized people, large people require 5-6 inches and petite people may need only 2-3 inches of foam layer to be comfortable. The ideal density of foam is 4.0 – 5.5 lbs.

Back pain is a debilitating condition which disrupts all areas of your life. To reduce your pain, you can change your mattress to a memory foam one. has more information about the benefits of memory foam technology, and how it can help you with your back pain.

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