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How Can You Be More Active At Work?

by Dr Prem Community Writer

Physical activity can always be built right into your workday with the purpose of decreasing inactivity levels and increasing the amount of exercise you get. Some of the really simple ideas that you can always think about are presented below and you can surely come up with some other things that can be done, based on the precise job you have.

Work Out While At Work

strength-exercise.For most people, there is a substantial daily amount of time spent at work. It becomes difficult to find time to exercise if the schedule is always full of work. Fortunately, you can always work out while at work. Even if you do not perform the type of workout you would do at a gym, it still helps a lot since you keep active instead of being inactive. Here are some simple ideas to always consider:

  • Try to take stairs and avoid the elevator whenever possible. If you cannot climb all stairs because of physical restraints, try at least a couple of floors. As it gets easy for you, just add one more floor.
  • When sitting at the desk for long periods of time, develop the habit of standing up whenever you use your phone. You can also pace in circles or march in place to just keep moving.
  • Perform really simple balance and strength exercises when you need some energizing like desk push-ups, calf raises, squats, chair pose, tree pose or wall sits.
  • Do not use the phone, IM or email when you can just go to the coworker’swork station.
  • Whenever traveling for work take a resistance band or jump rope with you to use as you stay at the hotel. Also, make sure you have your workout shoes, clothes and your swimsuit with you since there may always be a swimming pool or a fitness center at the hotel.
  • When informal discussions happen or you go through brainstorming sessions, do it through walking meetings. Voice memo apps can easily be used to take notes. Most people actually find that their creativity levels are higher when working so you also do better work.
  • Do not order in or drive to nearby restaurants. Instead, just walk there.
  • Try to use standing desks or treadmill desks, if possible. You can always alternate standing and sitting all throughout the day. Just add some breaks for stretching and some walking.

Extra Tips For Success


  • Try to eliminate stress as much as you can as it will stop you from being active. For instance, if all you think about is Philadelphia Chapter 13 bankruptcy fees, you quickly end up sedentary as stress creeps up. In this case, let your lawyers take care of that and be sure that you do all you can to minimize work stress.
  • Try to wear highly comfortable clothes and shoes at work so you can easily start moving when you have some time.
  • Find coworkers that would be interested in being your partners for work workouts.
  • Add physical activity time right to the work calendar you have. Treat that time just as you would a really important appointment.

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