3 Hidden Home Health Dangers – Is your home making your sick?

Health Dangers

You can easily fix problems that you can see within your home, but diagnosing health dangers that you can’t see is much harder. However, these problems are often the ones that can make you ill. Without your realization, your home could be the reason you get sick so often, struggle to breathe sometimes, or have headaches. If you don’t feel completely comfortable in your home, check for the following three hidden health dangers that could be harming your health.

Chemicals in Your Water Can Cause Major Health Problems

Some people are fortunate enough to live in places where the tap water is clean to drink directly from the tap, but most cities and countries require filtration systems to remove toxins and chemicals from the water. If you’re moving into a new area or a first house, check city ordinances about drinking the tap water. You might want to have your water professionally tested.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has strict guidelines about lead in water and many cities — most notably Flint, Michigan — have sometimes not met these health regulations. This discrepancy can lead to long-term health problems, cancer, and developmental problems in children. Make sure you know what’s coming out of your tap before you use your water.

Mold Causes Breathing Problems and Headaches

When was the last time you looked underneath your sink? All you need is a small leak in a dark environment to encourage mold to grow and make the mold spread rapidly. Even if your sinks aren’t leaking, you could have water pooling and mold growing around your HVAC system, which then spreads the toxins throughout your home.

Many mold species aren’t visible, either because they grow in places you rarely look or because they blend in with their surroundings. Furthermore, mold can be difficult to fully remove. If you treat only part of the problem, the mold may return within a few weeks or a month. Mold can agitate asthma symptoms and cause nausea and headaches in extreme cases. Mold is one danger you want to take seriously and work to eliminate.   

Small Insects – One of Possible Health Dangers

The spider in your shower that you trapped and released last week is nowhere near as dangerous as the other insects crawling around your home. You may not realize that you have ants crawling through your pantry, cockroaches living off of dead skin cell in your bathroom, and bedbugs crawling in your bedsheets. While a spider or mosquito might bite you once, these hidden insects can have much more painful and expensive effects.

Cockroaches spread salmonella, staphylococcus, and streptococcus. Meanwhile, bedbug bites can get you infected, while causing insomnia and stress in the houses they invade. The sooner you treat a potential insect problem, the better you can protect your family’s overall health.

Once you’ve solved the problems causing these hidden health dangers, you can enjoy your home and relax knowing that the environment you live in is healthy and comfortable.

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