Health literacy: What makes health literature too complex for commoners to understand?

Health literacy

Health is wealth, a saying that holds a deep meaning and value. In order to make the right decisions as well as for recommending the correct treatment for people, health literacy is necessary. Health literacy cannot be defined in a set definition. For a person to specialize on this front, they need to understand, read, and obtain all the information they need.  This will help them to plan accordingly and create long-term goals.
The struggle is still never ending

high speed internet

Today there are various mediums such as the internet, media and other such forms that can help you in getting the information you need, but even with these resources, the literacy statics across the world pertaining to healthcare still needs to come up. While some countries are making their mark in the healthcare sector with their groundbreaking and innovative contributions, there are still countries that are struggling to come up.

Complicated terminologies are still challenging

For a professional, understanding complicated healthcare terminologies is easy, but in the case of a nonprofessional, it only gets challenging. For people to get a better understanding of the healthcare sector, it is essential for them to understand facts and figures in a simple way. Healthcare professionals can make this change by passing down the right information in an effective and simple manner.

Overcoming the challenges of complex terminologies while passing down information


Since complex terminologies are not made for everyone, breaking them down to a simple language is necessary. This will not only help in spreading the right word across, however, it will also help a person in understand things in a better way. When considering plain language information, the key elements that can help in making it effective include:

Making sure that they first organize the information starting from what is important to what has to be told but least important.

Complex information should be broken down so that it is easy to understand and comprehend.

Defining technical terms in a simple language not only helps to spread the awareness, but also provides people the ability to understand things better.

Tables, lists, diagrams, demographics and other such useful ways can come in handy to make people understand even the most complex term.

The factors around health literacy while passing information

As much as it is essential to overcome the challenges in health literacy, there are also factors that can help in improving the levels of health literacy. These factors play a vital role in the overall development of an individual and make a difference in a micro and macro level.  These factors includes instructiveness of the intervention, use of illustration, sentence structure, format and style, cultural appropriateness of materials, the language barriers, the present health situation or condition of the patient etc.

Program development for spreading health literacy

Another perfect way to get people on the same level when we talk about health literacy is to develop various kinds of programs for people of all ages. Considering that many people do not have access to various facilities, these kinds of programs will provide a good support so that everyone stays on the same boat. Customized programs based on the understanding level of people are effective and efficient.

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