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Fidget cubes or fidget spinners, which is the best to reduce stress and anxiety?

by DrPrem Jagyasi
Fidget Hand Spinner

Stress and anxiety are two common problems that are catching up on a rapid pace. Most of the time, people who are very stressed or anxious often fidget a lot as they cannot sit still. This is a natural way people show out their signs of stress. Well, you do have options like yoga or mediation that can help keep it under control; however, fidgeting is something that cannot be stopped.


When people are stressed out, they generally bite their nails, play with a pen or pencil or even have the habit of shaking their legs vigorously. This may be fine when you are at home; however, it is not presentable when you are in a professional environment. Thankfully, today there are various products in the market, which help people to focus and reduce their stress and anxiety.

Toys like fidget spinners and fidget cubes are becoming popular among people in such situations. These pocket friendly toys not only help you to divert your mind, however, they also give you the benefit of carrying them wherever you go. So which toy makes a better option, the spinner or cube? Read on and judge for yourself.

Spin your stress with the spinner

Fidget Hand Spinner

The spinner helps to increase productivity, relieves anxiety and stress and helps you to focus. Although this spinner may not offer you the benefit of multiple actions or features like the fidget cube, however, it has proven to show some positive results. This is also perfect for those people who have a tendency to bite their nails or over eat when they are stressed. This is also a perfect option if you have a tendency to fidget when you are working.

Fidget spinners come in various shapes, sizes and options. From lights to rainbows and even themes such as the batman or chromed out spinners, you have it all in the market. In comparision to the fidget cube, the fidget spinner is a lot more economical. However, you need to ensure that you buy a spinner of a good quality as the cheap one’s are prone to exploding. This is why; it is advisable to choose a model that is Luddite friendly.

Brain activity works better with the cube


Made from premium plastic or ceramic materials, the fidget cube comes with various kinds of features. Each side of the cube has a specific kind of feature and gives you multiple fidgeting options that you can think about. Right from clicking to spinning, flipping to rubbing and even gliding and rolling, you have it all under one roof. Each action that you can do in the fidget cube not only helps to reduce the stress and anxiety levels, however it also helps your mind by calming it down. Even people that are diagnosed with ADHD can use the fidget cube as a therapy to deal with their medical condition.

It does have its own fan list and is a toy that is more discreet in nature. The tactile surface of the cube does help but the major drawback is that it is a little bulky when compared to the spinner. Even if you look at the shape options, the designs are restricted due to the cube design.  This is a perfect choice if you do not like any visual distraction. It is also ideal for those who just want something in their hand, which may not divert your attention while they are thinking or working on an important project. Unlike the spinner, the cube will not divert your attention to its spinning sound or action.

The verdict – The decision is purely up to your needs

Fidget Hand Spinner

While both these toys have their own spots in the market, their popularity is really holding up a tough competition.  One may decide to opt for the spinner or the cube depending on one’s needs. You can easily get both these toys anywhere but you would really need to sit down to analyze what you need and which toy can really help you out. While on one side, you have the benefit of multiple features in one toy; on the other side, you have a toy that gives you a variety of choices.

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