Health Advices To Remember from the Pros

Health Advices

A beneficial workout is well-thought and well-structured. With your goal in mind, lay out a perfect plan on how to try and attain it. Nothing changes overnight, so don’t be mean with time. Training is a process; it takes time and requires a lot of patience. If it were that easy, don’t you think we would all be sporting a tight body with those desirable muscles in all the right places?

 The Fitness Informant sat down with some sports nutrition experts, and surprisingly enough, this is what they had to say:

1. Keep stretching. Just like your cat, stretch up every morning and before any workout.


Stretching increases blood flow in the body, which in turn, raises body temperature, warming up your muscles. It also improves digestion. Oxygen-rich blood reaches taut muscles and helps them relax. With ready muscles, you’re prepared to handle any workout thrown your way with minimal risks of strain and injury. Although this is true, remember not to strain your body as you’re just beginning and yet to become a regular exerciser.

2. Stay relaxed. For a healthy body, ensure you maintain a healthy mind.

Exercise and stimulate your mind from time to time to increase your concentration, body synchronization, and agility. Let your subconscious guide you. Pay more attention to detail, experiences, and sensations. Practice using your mind in place of other senses (taste, feel, sight and smell), to help strengthen your focus and control over your body. Use that control wisely to build yourself and not to break your body down by pushing it beyond limits.

3. Reduce affinity for injuries.Don’t get overexcited and try to take up more training than your body can handle.

Strengthens the bones

Are you a regular or a fitness fanatic? Start your morning with weight workouts when you’re fresh and energized to reduce the risk of injury, and improve bone density. Do your cardio exercises when tired, they increase blood flow, thus helping your body muscles to recover. 

When running, it is always advisable to switch up your path from pavements to all-weather roads and vice versa to help relieve strain on your feet. Regulate your visits to the sauna and steam bath; heat therapy relieves your muscles leaving you feeling refreshed and stress-free. 

You can also reduce soreness by staying hydrated, getting enough sleep and increasing the levels of your endorphins by eating nuts, food with hot pepper, bananas and unrefined carbohydrates. The happiness hormone helps keep your mind healthy.

4. Energize. Always keep your body refreshed. Get sufficient rest, eat well, hydrate, ease your worries and keep your mind healthy.

Maintain a healthy and well-balanced diet throughout the day without skipping a meal. Always start your day with a wholesome breakfast; low-fat milk, high fiber cereal, whole wheat toast, a boiled egg, and fresh fruit.

5. Immunize. Boost your immunity by increasing your folic acid intake and vitamin C intake up to 90 milligrams a day.

immunityPrevention is always the best! Reduce your chances of getting ill by adding fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet. Before taking the fight to the gym, begin at home, fight off age-related and lifestyle diseases.Cancer, diabetes and bone density loss among others, are diseases that you can survive by taking good care of your body and mind. 

Maintain your body, and it will reciprocate! How? You ask. When you start slow, increase your protein intake, hydrate your body, moisturize your skin and rest enough, your body gets accustomed, and you will begin to achieve the benefits soon enough.  

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