Get a great workout without a Personal Trainer

In a perfect world, we’d all be able to work one-on-one with a personal trainer that would whip us into shape and help us reach our goals. But that’s not always an option. So what’s a girl to do if she needs a little help getting to the next fitness level?


Modern day technology, and a few old school tools, has made it possible to get a great workout without a personal trainer. You’d think that gyms wouldn’t be on board since they offer personal trainer services, but that isn’t the case everywhere. When we spoke to the experts at Fitness 19 about training without a trainer they had a lot of good advice. Their main goal is to help gym members stay healthy whether they do it on their own, in a class or with a personal trainer.

Here are a few pointers we picked up that can help you get a better body without a trainer, even if you’re a beginner.

Get a virtual personal trainer

Now anyone with a smartphone can have a personal trainer with the push of a button. There are a few state-of-the-art fitness apps that feature virtual trainers that can help you put together a workout program for maximum results. Apps worth trying include:

Pear Personal Coach – If you have an iPhone, Pear Personal Coach might be the best app you can download. (There’s also an Android version called Pear Interactive Coach.) The in-app coach will talk you through exercises and provide encouragement.


FitStar – This app will create custom workouts depending on your current fitness level. Each time you complete a workout let FitStar know how easy or difficult it was and the app will adjust the exercises.

Touchfit: GPS – Renowned MMA fighter Georges St-Pierre is your personal trainer when you use the Touchfit: GPS app. After completing a test workout, you’ll then receive customized routines at a difficulty level that’s challenging but doable.

Keep a workout log

Have you ever seen people at the gym carrying around a pad of paper and pen? Chances are they’re tracking their workout, which is something a trainer would normally do for you.

There are three essentials to track:

  • Which workouts are done
  • How many reps you complete
  • The weight or duration of the exercise

It’s also helpful to add notes like if you had to take a break or struggled on any portion of the exercise. The goal is to push yourself a little bit more each time you work out. When you keep a workout log, you won’t forget what was done last time and can continue making progress.

You can also use the workout log to track your weight, BMI and measurements. Of course, there are a number of apps that can help you track all of this information. MyFitnessPal is an amazing free app that’s compatible with other trackers. You can count calories with it and automatically include exercises that you can track for a complete look at your fitness.

Get a wearable fitness tracker

Health sport woman with smart watch

Speaking of fitness trackers, they are a great investment for anyone who’s serious about improving their fitness. Wearable fitness trackers cost around $150-200 but the information they provide is priceless. When you work out, the tracker will register your movements to automatically log your exercises and provide feedback for improvement.

Fitbit is the granddaddy of fitness trackers, and the company has a wide range of products. Misfit and Garmin also make great wearable fitness trackers worth checking out.

Watch videos to perfect your form

Another big benefit of using a personal trainer is having someone show you how to do the exercises properly. Poor form and execution won’t yield the best results and it increases your risk of injury.

Whether you want to test yourself with a combo workout like high-intensity interval yoga or just want to perfect basic moves, videos can help when a trainer isn’t available. The Fit Bottomed Girls YouTube channel has dozens of videos with everything from yoga to resistant band training to basketball workouts. You’ll also find playlists for pregnancy fitness and guys.

There is no shortage of workout videos online. Anytime you need guidance on how to perform an exercise, YouTube is a great place to start.

Inspiration on Instagram

Many people will tell you the biggest benefit that a personal trainer provides is encouragement. When you’re going it alone it can be tough to stay motivated and keep plugging away, especially if you hit a plateau. That’s when we turn to Instagram.

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