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11 Extreme squatting workouts for a sexy physique

Before starting off, it is advisable to inquire from a physical body trainer about your ratio of BMI and how much of its components (as in fat or muscle) should you reduce to gain a sleek shape. Keeping in mind your individual body structure, you can start with the below mentioned exercise patterns. Women, in general, are genetically designed to be heavier below the torso area and, hence, different sets of squats are necessary to be performed to tone the lower part of the body. These exercises involve emotional strength to battle against the various hormonal imbalances that would pop up during the process as it is a deviation from your actual routine. The initial days would be a little exasperating, but as you keep yourself driven and motivated, you can reach the goal with a dedicated set of squat exercises.

Points to be considered:

a. Basically, the best habit is to start off the day with 1 liter of water, take a break for a few minutes and initiate the exercise regime.

b. It is very important to stretch your body before you start any workout as your body should get warmed up first.

c. Take deep breaths for a few minutes before you begin.


Squats are the best suited exercise for the lower portion of your body. This set of exercise gives a workout to your core as well as to your calves and hamstrings. A perfect squat is done by standing straight, where your feet are shoulder width apart and your lower back must be naturally arched. Lift your arms to shoulder level, tighten your tummy and hold the position. Continue to hold your arms out with tummy tucked in and push out your hips and bend your knees as much as you can. Try and lower your hips as near to the floor in the same posture and reach to a level where your hips are parallel to the floor.


Lunges are very important in the set of exercises to tone your body. They work on your calves, hamstrings and quads. Stand erect with your feet close and place your hands on either side of your hips. Now, move your right foot forward and rest your body on it. As you perform this process, bend your left leg and touch the ground with your knees. The right leg’s knee must be parallel to the floor. Now, pull back your right leg and get back to the first position of standing erect. Repeat the same by placing your left leg forward in the posture mentioned before. 30 sets are effective for a start and you can repeat the same number of sets for three to four times with a 30 seconds break in between each set.

Step ups

This is a great exercise for strengthening your glutes and hamstrings. This exercise also helps in reducing your lower back fat to a greater extent. Position yourself before a raised platform. If you have dumbbells, take one in each hand. Stand erect with your feet close together. Place your right leg on the platform and drag your left leg along and suspend it from the platform a little bit so that your left leg looks slightly inclined. Make sure your hands are close to your sides while you are performing this routine. Lower the left foot first and then your right foot. Repeat the same process for the left leg. 30 sets will be effective. Do about 4 sets of 30 with a 30 seconds break for good results.

Sumo squats

This exercise is a great workout for the inner thighs. It helps in toning the muscles of the inner thighs. Do not perform this set of squat exercises by pointing your toe forward, otherwise it is a safe and effective exercise to perform. Stand with your feet apart such that the distance between them is two times of your shoulder width. Look forward with your chin straight. Bend down your knees and squat down. Push yourself back and squeeze your butt. You can raise your hands in front for balancing. Maintain a straight back throughout the exercise.

Hip raises

This exercise is done for strengthening your glutes and also helps in reducing flab from the hip area. Lay a mat and lie down on it with your body flat on ground. Spread your hands to the side so that your hands make a horizontal line as they will be perpendicular from your shoulders. Bend your knees and place your legs on the floor such that only your thighs are suspended in air and the rest of the body is in rest. Remember to place your legs a few feet apart. Now gradually lift your hips up in the air by resting on your legs. Hold this position for a few seconds and then repeat the same process 30 times. With a 30 seconds break in between this exercise must be done for 5 sets of 30.

Squat toe hops

Toe hops are performed to strengthen your calves. While performing this exercise, wear comfortable footwear to avoid injuries to your feet. Shoes with some cushioning inside is a good option. Place your feet close to each other. Start hopping on first the toes of your right foot and then the left foot and keep doing this exercise for about 3-5 minutes. This exercise strengthens your calves as well as serves as a relaxing regimen. This exercise also makes you lose your lower body fat more quickly.

Squat bending with step ups

This exercise is done to tone your thighs as well as hips. Bodies vary in their shape to some extent. For every shape there are different set of exercises to be performed and you should consult an experienced trainer for the exercises best suited to you. Place a raised platform before you and stand sideways near it. Place your right leg on the platform and take your right hand bend and stretch it as much as you can towards the left side along with your torso bending towards left. Your left leg must be suspended from the platform while your right leg is resting on the platform. Repeat the same with the left leg. Do 30 sets for a start and repeat the same for about 5 times such as 30 sets of 5 with a 1 minute gap in between.

One arm dumbbell rows

This exercise is done to tone your thighs and butt at the same time. Pick a dumbbell in your right hand, palm facing the body. Place your right leg in front just as doing the lunges and bend your knee as much as you can so that the left leg at the back is stretched in a straight line. Rest your left elbow on the right knee and keep your back flat. Keep your abs pulled in tight. Repeat the same procedure for the left leg and do as much as 30 sets of 5 reps with a 2 minutes break in between each set.

Leg streches

This exercise is done to strengthen your hips as well as tone your thighs. Lie sideways on a mat. Place your right hand on your head (if you’re lying on your right side) and place your left leg near your chest on the ground such that your left elbow is bent. With your legs straight, stretch only your left leg up in the air as much as to 90 degrees and hold it for a few seconds there and then bring it back to the starting position. When stretching, the leg must be straight. Repeat the same for about 30 times while lying on one side and then switch sides. Repeat the same procedure 30 times with the right leg. Take a break for 2 minutes between each set.

Squat leg raises

This exercise is done to tone your legs. Sit on the edge of bench. Place your hands on the bench on either side of your body. Start rising your knees in such a way that your knees touch your chest. The rest of your leg from the knee down should remain in a straight position. When you bring your knee away from the chest, your leg should be parallel to the ground. Do not place your foot down. Keep doing this exercise for about 2 to 3 minutes and take a break for about 60 seconds and repeat the same 5 times.

Bicycle crunches

This exercise is done to strengthen your lower back and as well as tone your thighs and butt. Lie down flat on your back on a mat and place your hands at the back of your head. Now, bend your knees and keep your legs straight and suspend them in the air. Start cycling in the air in slow motion. Do this for about 3 minutes and take a break for about 30 seconds. Now again repeat the same procedure and cycle in the reverse direction for about 3 minutes. Repeat the procedure 5 times.