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Eating Healthy When the Temps Turn Brisk, and Your Body Craves Junk Food

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Unfortunately hearty creamed soups and breads slathered in butter can wreak havoc with your health and wellness. To prevent your comfort food craving from flaring up, you’ll want to adopt some of the following healthy eating tips when the temps turn brisk.

Choose Seasonal Produce

The spring and summer months are typically prime for exercising and eating right. As the days grow darker earlier, and the weather turns from warm to frigid, you may experience a type of seasonal depression. But don’t give in to these cold weather temptations of hibernating and eating junk food. You can still maintain a healthy diet that nourishes your body and satisfies your cravings by shopping wisely.

Although berries, melons, zucchini and corn-on-the-cob may have been plentiful over the summer, you can still find some nutritional seasonal treasures in your local produce market. Acorn squash, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, beets, cauliflower, cabbage and Brussel sprouts are usually harvested in the fall. You’ll also find pears, apples, pomegranates, oranges, tangerines and grapefruit excellent finds from November through February.

Incorporate Hearty Salads

There’s a link between a person’s emotions, and the body’s hormones. If you’re an individual who experiences seasonal affective disorder (SAD) caused by the cool, dark days, you may crave comfort foods such as mac and cheese. But the lethargy, oversleeping and anxiety caused by the coming season can be bad for your health. Your family doctor can offer suggestions on how to treat the blues. They can also offer tips on how to lift your spirits by managing pain or pampering the body through Botox, liposuction and mesotherapy.

Recognized as an authority in managing pain, Dr. Stephen Cosentino testimonial videos have trained over 30,000 physicians and provided them with accredited training, certification programs and medical workshops. This expert care comes back to the patient as it allows them to receive quality diagnosis and outcome for their problems. If you have a mild case of SAD, your physician may even find you’ll benefit just by eating a healthy diet. During the cool months, focus on healthy salads with heartier ingredients. Top your spinach, kale or Boston greens with grilled steak or chicken. Other comfort food salad toppers include roasted vegetables, toasted nuts and crisp chick peas. You can also transform your salad using a warm dressing.

Break Out the Spice Rack

Fresh herbs such as basil, rosemary, sage, thyme and parsley are typically more prevalent during the summer months. But you can also add flavor and warmth to your dishes and keep your body in tip-top shape by adding spices. If you have a spice rack, break out fall favorites such as paprika, chili powder, ginger, cinnamon, sage and nutmeg. Not only will they dress up your winter dishes, they’ll also add flavor without additional fat or calories. There are a number of spices with powerful nutritional benefits that can also lower the risk of skin cancer, fight salmonella, stop the growth of tumors and prevent ailments such as type 2 diabetes.

Cook Healthy Alternatives

Hearty soups and mac and cheese don’t have to be unhealthy. If you’re hankering for something warm and satisfying that can get you through the dark and gloomy days ahead, tweak your current recipes. Instead of calorie laden pizza, opt for a thinner crust using flatbread. Top with falls finest vegetables and add smaller amounts of fresh mozzarella. If your cheese sauce is the main attraction to your mac and cheese, replace high fat dairy with pureed squash, chicken broth and sharp cheddar for a creamier texture. If you crave mashed potatoes, the red variety has far less starch. You can also add fresh garlic, chives and coconut milk to replace endless amounts of butter.

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

There are plenty of chances to give in to your sweet tooth during the coming season. Although cookies, brownies, cakes and candy may top your list, the indulgences can contribute to weight gain and health issues. Using fresh, seasonal produce, you can bake satisfying treats that won’t add to your waistline. Fruits and veggies such as apples, oranges, pomegranates, pumpkins, squash and pears have loads of flavor, so you can cut back on the sugar. Because many of the foods are also moist, you can also use less butter and fat than what the recipe may call for. Seasonal produce used in baked goods nourishes the body naturally after you’ve worked out.

Eating healthy when the weather cools can be a challenge for many. If you suffer from seasonal disorders, the malady can make you crave the comforts of your childhood. But with the above tips, you’ll be able to satisfy your cravings and boost your immune system for the season ahead.

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