Cosmetic Surgery – A beginner’s guide to help you decide


In 2017 there were 17.5 million cosmetic surgeries performed. That’s a staggering number. But what does it mean? It means that cosmetic surgery is extremely popular and the number of surgeries being performed is on the rise. But what makes cosmetic surgery so desirable? If you’re considering a cosmetic procedure, this article will detail some of the reasons for getting one and the many benefits you’ll experience. You’ll also learn a few things to consider before going under the knife. These considerations will help you determine whether or not you’re mentally, emotionally, and financially ready for the undertaking.

  1. Increased Confidence

Once of the main reasons people get cosmetic surgery is to enhance their appearance in some way. If there’s a specific body part you’re self-conscious of, cosmetic surgery can fix this for you. Some of the most popular procedures are:

  • Liposuction
  • Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck)
  • Breast Augmentation
  • Rhinoplasty (nose job)
  • Rhytidectomy (facelift)
  • Breast Lift
  • Breast Reduction

When you have increased confidence, your entire mood improves. You’re happier, more positive, and motivated. Some people struggle with achieving confidence on their own. Whether or not you want to admit it, a certain level of social acceptance is based on your outward appearance. If you’re not comfortable with the way you look, it will show on your face and in your actions. Cosmetic surgery helps you achieve the physical appearance you’ve always wanted and are proud to show off. If cosmetic surgery helps you feel more comfortable and attractive than there’s no better reason to do it!

  1. Achieve Desired Results 

For some people, the physical changes they want to make just aren’t achievable by regular means. If you’ve tried every diet and exercise program on the market but can’t seem to lose unwanted weight, liposuction and tummy tucks may be the perfect solution. There are other physical attributes that you can’t change without going under the knife. Things like a breast reduction, lift, or implant. For women with especially large breasts, they can be extremely uncomfortable and may negatively affect their posture, causing neck and back discomfort. Breast lifts are perfect for women who have lost a large amount of weight or for mothers who have breastfed. And breast augmentations are one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries among women. Larger breasts help some women feel more confident and greatly increase their wardrobe options. If you’re considering this type of surgery, there are certain questions to ask the surgeon. Find out more info here. 

  1. Feel Younger

There’s no magic potion that turns back the hands of time. But for many people, a youthful appearance goes hand in hand with self-confidence. If you want to feel younger, more energized, and more attractive, cosmetic surgery can help you achieve this. Perhaps a breast lift will help a woman feel more like she did in her 20’s. A tummy tuck or liposuction can achieve the same for a mother who has had several children. Being able to wear a revealing top or bikini makes a woman feel young and beautiful. The same holds true for men. Another popular surgery is breast reduction for men who suffer from gynecomastia, or enlarged male breasts. This can make a man feel old, heavier than they are, and less attractive. Minor cosmetic procedures like botox and other injections help reduce the appearance of wrinkles on the face, which is one of the first signs of aging. 

  1. Improved Health 

Cosmetic surgery isn’t just about vanity and the desire to look a certain way. For some people, cosmetic procedures are about improving their health. Weight loss surgery is an important procedure for those individuals who are carrying a lot of extra, unnecessary weight. Health complications associated with obesity include diabetes, heart disease, personal hygiene, and a fatty liver. As mentioned before, oversized breasts can also cause discomfort and posture issues for women. Other complications include shortness of breath, numbness, shoulder grooves, pain, and rashes. Breast reduction surgery can fix these issues also. Rhinoplasty, or a nose job, can even correct certain sinus conditions. 

  1. Treat Yourself

Most people get consumed with everyday life, which includes working and taking care of family and friends. Your needs are often put on the back burner. Cosmetic surgery is a way to put your needs first and spoil yourself. Have you always wanted a slimmer, sleeker nose? Perhaps the bags under your eyes, loose skin under your chin, or wrinkles makes you feel old. Are you self-conscious of your breast size or the extra weight you carry around your midsection? Cosmetic surgery is the perfect way to treat yourself and do something you deserve. Not only will this make you feel good but whatever physical changes you make will help improve your overall mood and can even benefit your relationships with others. 

  1. Reconstruction 

Sometimes, cosmetic surgery is needed for reconstruction purposes. Reconstructive surgery, by definition, is designed to help restore both the form and function of the human body. This type of surgery is used to repair damaged tissue. The most popular reconstructive surgery is breast reconstruction where a woman’s breasts are returned to nearly their original shape, size, symmetry, and appearance following a mastectomy due to cancer. Facial surgeries are also performed following injury to the face or neck area and include burns, scarring, or even cleft lip or palate repair. 

  1. Deformities

Medically reshaping a body part that is deformed is another reason people undergo cosmetic surgery. This surgery is sometimes performed for medical reasons, while other times it’s for cosmetic or aesthetic reasons. And in some cases, it’s both. A deformity can leave someone feeling inadequate or insecure. One of the most popular forms of this type of surgery is the rhinoplasty to reconstruct the inner sinus cavity. This helps a patient breathe properly and can even reduce snoring.

If you’re seriously considering cosmetic surgery, there are a few things to think about which help determine if you’re mentally, emotionally, and physically prepared for not only the surgery but the recovery process as well. Here are just a few of those things. 

  1. You Have Realistic Expectations 

While cosmetic surgery can give you the desired results, you also need to have realistic expectations. Everyone’s body make-up, recovery time, and reaction to this type of surgery is different. Don’t go based off of someone you know or saw on television. Their surgery will be completely different from yours, even if you have the same procedure. It’s also important to remember that while cosmetic surgery will boost your confidence, it won’t completely transform whatever is going on inside you mentally or emotionally. These are often the seeds of your insecurity. If you go under the knife with unrealistic expectations of how you’ll feel following surgery, you’re almost guaranteed to feel disappointed. You can discuss your doubts and results with your surgeon prior to the procedure, and it’s advised that you to so. 

  1. You Have a Doctor You Love
     You Have a Doctor You Love

Choosing the right plastic surgeon for your procedure is key. Like with almost any medical procedure, you need to find a doctor you trust and feel comfortable with. Don’t settle on just anyone when it comes to your cosmetic surgeon. First, do your research. Is there a particular doctor who specializes in the type of cosmetic surgery you want? Many surgeons offer free consultations. When you go in for your consultation, see how you feel about the surgeon. Bring a list of questions and see how they answer. Do you feel comfortable around them? Do they firmly shake your hand and attentively listen to your concerns? Were you comfortable with the exam and their recommendation for what procedures you need? You may also want to consider price but this shouldn’t be the only determining factor. Safety and your comfort level are much more important than the bill. But of course, price is something to consider.

  1. You Understand the Financial Responsibility

Cosmetic surgery isn’t cheap. Depending on the procedure, the surgeon, and your medical coverage, surgery can be quite expensive. The average cost of breast augmentation can range anywhere from $3,500 up to $10,000. This is especially true if you require a lift and an implant. Because everyone’s body is different, your surgery may require several procedures combined, increasing costs. There are a variety of ways to fund your cosmetic surgery. Some doctors offer financing options. Depending on the reason, your medical insurance may cover your procedure. If the surgery is required to reduce pain or discomfort associated with another condition, your medical insurance may cover part or all of the cost. If your cosmetic procedure is for aesthetic reasons only, you need to consider the costs and determine if it’s worth the investment.

Cosmetic surgery is an investment in yourself and your overall well-being. Whether your motivation is for medical or aesthetic reasons, cosmetic surgery can help improve your life in so many ways. Make sure to do your research, calculate the benefits, and consider all your options.

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