7 Reasons to Get a Facial

Get a Facial

Some people think facials are a luxury and while they can be extremely relaxing and aren’t exactly a necessity, they also offer a long list of unknown benefits. Facials aren’t just about achieving glowing, youthful, smooth skin (although those are all added bonuses). These treatments can actually improve hydration, circulation, and offer acne relief. Here are 7 reasons everyone should get a facial at least once in their lives.

  1. It’s Relaxing
     Get a Facial

Alright, let’s get the first most obvious point out of the way. Facials are simply relaxing. They can help reduce stress and leave you feeling rejuvenated, rested, and revitalized. This is especially true if you schedule your facial at a spa. Spas are specifically designed with mellow lighting, soft music, and the use of essential oils, which offer their own list of benefits and calming features. Not to mention that the sensation of someone rubbing and massaging your face is extremely relaxing in and of itself. Some facials are even accompanied by a neck and shoulder massage. What could be better? 

  1. Help Diagnose Unknown Skin Conditions 

If you don’t regularly see a dermatologist, getting a facial can actually help diagnose any unknown or pre existing skin conditions you might have. There are countless skin conditions that could mean nothing or could be signs of something more serious. Symptoms like oily or dry skin, spots, redness, or other irritations. Estheticians are trained in understanding different skin types and what treatments work best. Even if your condition isn’t medically linked but instead something you can treat with increase moisture or a specific face wash. If they think there is a deeper or more serious condition they may refer you to a dermatologist. 

  1. Achieve Unmatched Exfoliation
     Get a Facial

It’s always a good idea to exfoliate at home. You can use over the counter face masks or exfoliating scrubs. The purpose of exfoliating is to remove dead skin cells and allow for moisturizers and other healthy nutrients and minerals to penetrate the skin. Exfoliation is a major component of any facial. The best part is that estheticians are licensed in using stronger chemical peels and other products to achieve radiant, smooth, and healthy skin. Depending on your skin type, the technician may use acids, enzymes, or brasion to achieve this deep exfoliation without damaging your skin. 

  1. Increase Circulation 

You may not think of circulation in terms of your face, but your skin needs circulation in order to remain healthy. And facials help achieve this. This is especially beneficial as you age because circulation tends to slow down. Facials help increase blood circulation. In fact, the benefits of blood for your skin are growing in popularity even among the facial world. Vampire facials actually use plasma from your blood to help renew skin cells. This website provides more info on this new type of facial. Steam is another great way to get circulation during a facial and probably explains why your esthetician places a hot, steamy towel on your face (besides the fact that it feels amazing). 

  1. Improve Hydration
     Get a Facial

Hydration is another important component for healthy skin. And no, that doesn’t mean just drinking water or even pouring it directly on your face. Hydrating your skin is slightly more complicated than that and facials can help. While hydration can lead to youthful looking skin, its importance isn’t reserved just for older individuals. Hydration can benefit people of all ages with all skin types. Everyone’s skin cells require water to survive and remain healthy. Without enough hydration, your face will appear scaly, may peel or flake, and appear dry in appearance. An interesting component of oily skin is that dehydration actually creates more oil. A facial can help those with both oily or dry skin achieve a healthy balance and more glowing appearance. 

  1. Provide Clear Skin 

Acne isn’t reserved just for tweens and teens. In fact, acne effects50 million people of all ages, although it does impact those between the ages of 12 and 24 more than anyone else. So how do facials help you achieve clear skin? More than just providing circulation, exfoliation, and hydration, facials help clean out pores and eliminate unwanted blackheads. While regularly washing your face and exfoliating when possible will reduce the appearance and occurrence of these imperfections, a facial can virtually transform your skin. So, what makes a facial different? The esthetician properly prepares your skin for treatments designed to eliminate blackheads and unclog pores. And the best part is, they do it without damaging your skin. Estheticians know exactly which products to use and how much. They apply the right amount of pressure and combine different methods to achieve optimum results. When you try to exfoliate, unclog pores or pop or pick at blackheads at home, you run the risk of damaging your skin, which can lead to permanent scarring. Not to mention, you’re probably only reaching surface blackheads. An esthetician is trained in reaching and unclogging the deepest pores of your face that at-home treatments can’t reach. 

  1. Reduce the Appearance of Wrinkles

The beauty industry is worth billions and that’s because people (mostly women) are constantly searching for new and different ways to achieve a more youthful appearance. And reducing wrinkles is one of the first steps in achieving a more youthful appearance. While botox is a popular solution, it’s not for everyone. If you’re looking for a less invasive and less painful resolution, facials are your answer. The combination of services and treatments performed during a facial leave your skin healthy, smooth, and glowing. Exfoliating regularly can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and allow for healthy growth of healthy, new skin cells. Many of the products used during a facial also have anti-aging properties.

While some people treat facials as a luxury and only have it done once or twice in their lives, it’s recommended you get a facial once a month. That’s because it takes your skin about 3 to 4 weeks to complete a full cycle of skin growth and exfoliation. Facials will help this process along and guarantee a healthier appearance and feel for longer.

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