Coping With the Emotions of Unwanted Pregnancy

Emotions of Unwanted Pregnancy

It can be a stressful experience to face an unwanted pregnancy and the decision-making that goes with it. All circumstances and feelings can be completely different, even if it is not their first pregnancy or abortion. The case will also raise feelings and issues they have not experienced before.

The sudden pregnancy may also cause the individual to doubt their ability to make a good decision and even trust themselves. No one can pass a pregnancy decision on to another person. In the same way, it is not possible to hide it until one pretends it doesn’t exist or something happens to solve it. Unwanted pregnancy can have a profoundly personal experience that can lead to someone experiencing challenging emotions and feelings.

Other factors that can contribute to someone feeling confused, unwell, or overwhelmed are some of the physical symptoms of pregnancy-associated bodily changes, nausea/vomiting or fatigue, and hormones. In addition, essential people in the pregnant girl’s life may feel they cannot handle the situation when they need them most. Then, panic sets in when others distance themselves from her or put pressure on her.

Sometimes, the pregnant woman may feel that their case is too personal or private to let others know about it. A significant event has happened to them when they believe they understand how things are going for them. Subsequently, they need to make decisions, which leaves them alone and confused.

The Feeling of Pressure

Someone with unwanted pregnancy could feel that the intellectual, emotional, and physical, spiritual, and social aspects of their life may need consideration before working out what they want to do and acting on it.

Being pregnant can alter or mark the typical stress signs. As a result, it becomes impossible for the pregnant lady to understand whether their feelings are related to the pregnancy symptoms, emotional state, or both. Also adding to the discomfort is their confusion about the cause of the different emotions.

How to Ease Distress of Unwanted Pregnancy

Someone with unwanted pregnancy can ease their distress or stress they experience through these strategies.

1. Communicate

Communicating-coupleDiscussing their concerns or fears with someone they trust or writing down their feelings can be helpful, even if they think they are trivial or silly. The chances are that they are not only individuals going through those thoughts or feelings. They can identify helpful and negative thoughts when they write down things.

2. Do Breathing Exercise

Take conscious four to five breaths a few times a day. People can breathe in a shallow way when they are tense. However, they must ensure that they empty their lungs when they breathe out. This exercise will help them feel relaxed. Breathing can help their mental and physical relaxation. It can also help with sleep and ease panic attacks. Also helpful is meditation.

3. Exercise Regularly

love exerciseRegular exercises like cycling, swimming, or walking can also help. Thus, someone with unwanted pregnancy can do it regularly. They can also motivate themselves by having someone to exercise with them. They will find that they can ease anger, anxiety, and depression symptoms and improve their mental and emotional wellbeing through exercise. Exercise can help them clear their minds, oxygenate and reduce the release of body tension. It can also improve metabolic and fitness rate and elevate their mood, assisting them in managing their concerns.

4. Focus on Your Diet

They must ensure they eat regularly and sensibly. Finding something to eat like dried fruits, nuts, dry biscuits, toast, or bread is always good when feeling nauseated.

5. Give Top Priority to Your Self

thumbs-upThey must make their needs a high priority. It is not a bad thing to say no to requests from someone when they are feeling overburdened. However, they must also learn to ask for help and engage in helpful stuff.

6. Indulge in Outdoor Activities

Individuals with unwanted pregnancies can also enjoy pleasant outdoor activities like gardening, sport, or watching movies since they may not be able to think clearly about their situation with a good perspective when thinking about it all the time.

Seek Support

It is an excellent thing to seek support. Having an unwanted pregnancy means having a right to privacy. However, talking to others about your condition can bring about a lot of benefits. It is also crucial that they choose family, friends, and organizations they speak to carefully. Sometimes, the fear of how people react may deter them from talking to those who will help them or give support.

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