Common Health Issues of a Professional Biker and Their Solutions

Professional Biker

Biking is a strenuous sport. It requires a lot of stamina and loads of practice.  Bikers need lots of support in the form of good food, great training, and equipment. Though physically active people like bikers are expected to stay fit and healthy, still there are certain health-related issues that bikers fail to escape. Here is a quick overview of the most common issues a biker’s health can be challenged with.

  1. Sore muscles due to over-training 

Professional Biker

A biker may be tempted to do an enormous amount of training to stay in shape and in great form. But, this devotion sometimes crosses the line and overdoing the training may lead to problems like sore muscles. Also, the heart’s overworking due to more pumping of blood can give rise to stroke, which is quite dangerous. An easy way to avoid over-training is the use of Power Meter. Using this instrument, one gets the idea of when to stop and take a break.

  1. Thermal Shock 

Muscles and joints, when put in continuous motion, can cause enormous heat in the body. This sudden rise in body temperature has to be controlled; else it may cause symptoms like dizziness or loss of consciousness. Pouring water over the head and body, or drinking cooling juices and breaks at proper intervals are some of the ways to prevent your body from going into thermal shock.

  1. Dehydration


Bikers work enormously. There being physically overactive leads to a lot of perspiration. It is the defense mechanism of the body to sweat more when somebody is working more, as it helps in maintaining the body temperature at optimal levels. Thus, perspiring excessively can lead to dehydration. Loss of body water in perspiration may also cause frequent cramps. Having cooling supplements regularly and drinking juices and water is necessary for avoiding this situation.

  1. Weakness 

Bikers need to train within limits. They should train according to their endurance levels. Eating and training needs vary according to weight groups, therefore, bikers need to follow a diet and practice plan as prescribed for their weight limit. In the instance of carelessness in this regard or lack of expert supervision, a biker may put his fitness in danger by not following the diet regime properly. This leads to weakness. Unexplained fatigue, headache, loss of consciousness and confusion are signs of weakness. If not controlled, it may cause death too. Hence, bikers must follow a diet and do exercises as prescribed.

  1. Internal injury 

Professional Biker

Sore muscles and joints, as explained earlier, are signs of over-exhaustion. But, when it is ignored, it may lead to a serious injury like the tear of muscle or crack in joint. It may force the biker to rest or to leave the sport completely. Thus, training sensibly and under the guidance of an expert is a wise option.

Bikers do have health issues. It is because of the extreme demands of this profession that bikers have a limited professional career. By addressing the health issues properly and on time, one can make the professional journey pleasant and memorable.

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