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Chiropractic Care for People with Mental Health Issues

by Dr Prem Community Writer
Mental Health Issues

Cedar Park, a city of many wonders and home to some of the most professional people in Texas. The city is vibing with an entrepreneurial pro-business vibe. There are many people who are actually thinking of starting a family after moving to Cedar Park.

This is only because of the amazing development this city is going through. However, with progress comes hard work and if you are working hard, you are bound to get stressed somehow in your life. According to researches, more than 40 million Americans have had their fair share of depression over the years.

Causes of Depression

Mental health is something that is not taken seriously. People think that this is some way to cover your lack of enthusiasm towards life. Before you think of yourself as a depressed workaholic, you need to understand what causes mental health issues.

Some of the major reasons why people go through depression are:

1. Abuse

Abuse of any kind has a toll on the mental health of a personAbuse of any kind has a toll on the mental health of a person. Any kind of abuse can make you feel really bad and self-conscious about you. Men, women, and children who have gone through any kind of mental, physical, and sexual abuse end up with severe mental health problems. The feeling of guilt and self-blaming does not go away easily.

2. Drugs

Heavy drugs like methamphetamine and cocaine can trigger mental health issues among people. You are good for as long as the buzz is going but it can leave you completely destructing yourself by imposing physical and mental health issues.

3. Accidents

head injury after an accidentFor cities like Cedar Park where traffic is increasing day by day, car accidents are becoming more common. Being in an unwanted car accident can actually cause mental illnesses as well as physical car accident injuries. Mental health issues like PTSD and long-term phobia are a common problem.

4. Death of a Loved One

How many times have you seen people struggle with the loss of their loved ones? Perhaps every other time while you might not feel it initially, but it does get to you. People have a hard time accepting the death of their loved ones.

5. Over-Burdening

Over-BurdeningOnce you overburden yourself with a ton of responsibilities, your mind starts stressing out. People who work a lot use things like caffeine which is known to induce anxiety symptoms. Not to mention the crazy mood swings you can get with loads of responsibilities.

 Is This It?

No. The above-mentioned symptoms were just there to give you a general idea. There are many other causes that can trigger depression in a human being. We don’t know your life and we are not living your story. All we know is that mental illnesses are real and people should opt for professional therapy just to make themselves feel better and perform better in life.

 Symptoms of Depression and Mental Disorders in People

depressed-maleAs we mentioned above, more than 40 million people in America suffer from a mental sickness one way or the other. It can be severe or mild depending upon the condition and tolerance of your mind and nervous system.

Every individual shows different symptoms but, some of the symptoms that remain similar in almost all of them are:

  • Fatigue and constant tiredness even after doing nothing for the whole day.
  • Inability to sleep better during the night
  • Tension in the muscles
  • Constant headaches even over small things that impact your daily performance
  • Body aches and tiredness
  • Inability to let go of something that goes against your will

Initially, these symptoms are so small that they can go unnoticeable. However, with time, you will see that there are changes in your lifestyle that you did not wish for.

 Treatment for Mental Health Issues

If you have mild symptoms, they are likely to go away with a bit of personal improvement, a session or two with the psychiatrist, and some alternate care for further relaxation.

However, patients who show severe signs need to get professional treatment for years and some of them might be sent to a rehab center.

 Alternate Care for Mental Health Issues

Mental Health IssuesApart from the regular sessions at the psychiatrist, you can also visit alternate care specialists like a chiropractor. Your chiropractor will help you relieve the physical symptoms of being affected by depression.

Your Cedar Park chiropractor will use a mind-body approach and adjust your body physically due to which you will end up feeling better mentally. Modern chiropractors have high-quality equipment that will help you feel better.

 Benefits of Going to a Chiropractor for Mental Health Issues

Here are a few reasons why you need to add chiropractic care to your treatment plan:

1. Reduces Blood Pressure

blood pressure testAccording to medical research, being in an abundant amount of stress can trigger blood pressure. Taking proper chiropractic care along with massage therapy can actually reduce the symptoms of stress and reduce your blood pressure.

You can easily see a significant amount of reduction in your blood pressure after a single session with the chiropractor that involves almost 15 minutes of massage therapy as well. Having a lower blood pressure will help you deal with your issues in a much stable manner and also allow you to function better in your routine tasks.

2. Zero Side-Effects and a 100% Natural Treatment

As a person, you are bound to see some symptoms like insomnia, nausea, and even fatigue while dealing with mental stress and depression. Going to a chiropractor will help you relax and make you feel much better and relaxed with no side-effects and medications. They might however perform imaging tests so that any undiagnosed issues can be dealt with.

3. Body-Mind Approach

nervous systemChiropractic care focuses on the mind by making adjustments to your nervous system which is responsible for sending signals for each and every function of your body to the brain. Apart from that, they will make adjustments to the spine which is the root of all physical activities. If your mental and physical health is adjusted to make you feel better, you can actually perform a lot better.

4. Trigger Positive Hormones

The human spine has an impact on every other part of the body. There have been different medical researches that have shown that getting sessions with a chiropractor can boost the good hormones of your body. The hormones you actually want in your body to feel good are:

  • Oxytocin helps your body boost communication from the mind and makes you feel more responsive towards social interactions.
  • Neurotensin helps your body neutralize the pain and sensations that come with stress, depression, and anxiety.
  • Cortisol helps you block any form of pain that comes with muscle tension and inflammation which is common among people with depression.

Once your spine is adjusted, the positive hormones in your body will get triggered and you will feel loose across your body.

5. Helps You Sleep Better

Sleep ScheduleWe all know that people who suffer from depression have huge trouble sleeping better. There are certain adjustments and practices that will help you sleep a bit easier. Your chiropractor can make spinal manipulations to your body that will relax you and improvise on your sleeping patterns.

6. Tension Relieving and Headache Relaxing Techniques

People who are suffering from anxiety and depression can actually relieve tension in the muscles. Often suffer from muscle stress. In relieving anxiety and tension, chiropractic treatment may help. Moreover, many people who deal with mental health issues often suffer from migraine headaches.

It can help alleviate pain related to stress headaches. By eliminating these debilitating effects, this kind of relaxation can have a significant effect on those with anxiety and/or depression. In addition, chiropractic treatment and massage therapy can also help to relieve pain in patients diagnosed with mental wellbeing. 


Mental health is a serious health issue. Whether you have been abused or you are just in an accident, you need to seek professional mental health therapy. Many car accident doctors recommend that their patients have alternate therapy to relieve the physical and mental health issues.

Your chiropractor will treat your mental health symptoms by relieving the tension in your nervous system and the spine. It is indeed a proven method to boost your quality of life and gain a more positive attitude towards your regular life.

If someone in your surrounding is suffering from what seems to you a mental health issue, always be there for them and help them understand the value of a stress-free life. Make them visit professional psychiatrists and chiropractors who will help them get back in their regular state of mind.

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