Children’s Health Guide

7 Days: 7 Healthy meal plans for your child

A balanced nutritious diet is essential for a growing child that will keep him/her away from diseases and infections. A diet that contains all the necessary nutrients from each of the food groups: vitamins, energy, minerals, proteins and carbohydrates, is

Summer time is best playtime for kids to do outdoor activities

Come summer, the scorching sun compels everyone to remain indoors and simply relax in the cool comfort of homes. Kids are no exception and love to play sedentary games such as video games and watching their favorite cartoons. However, this deprives the c

Healthy soothing foods kids will love in scorching summer

Summer season is the time when kids are free and most energetic. Camping and picnics cannot be avoided during this season. Sometimes, it becomes difficult to cope with the kids’ demands of new and creative delicacies.Kids usually indulge in a lot of physi

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