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Burns Causes

Burns: Causes Top Causes 1. Ironing your curls Many people suffer from burns after using curling irons. Women may have purchased these devices after paying expensive prices. But if they are not careful, they can end up burning their hair, …

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Dehydration Causes

Dehydration: Causes Top Causes 1. High fever A patient who suffers from high fever can often suffer from dehydration. High fever is such a condition when the body temperature rises so high that it leads to a superficial dryness of …

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ADD/ADHD: Causes Top Causes 1. Fluoride A medical study done on rats showed that excessive dose of fluoride can trigger ADD and ADHD-type behavioral changes. While this does not necessarily indicate a similar risk in humans, it is certainly a …

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Appendicitis Causes

Appendicitis: Causes Top Causes 1. Cancer Cancer of the colon or the region surrounding the appendix can lead to direct inflammation of the appendix and cause acute appendicitis. 2. Foreign body More rarely, a foreign body that is hard and …

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Bursitis Causes

Bursitis: Causes Top Causes 1. Bone spurs or calcium deposits Bone spurs are abnormal bony outgrowths that project from the surface of the bone. On the other hand, calcium deposits are unabsorbed amounts of calcium deposited in soft tissues around …

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Dengue Fever Causes

Dengue Fever: Causes Top Causes 1. Tendency Dengue in its severest form is more widespread in infants and young kids. This is mainly because kids tend to play in open areas which might be located near stagnant water or other dirty …

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Adenoiditis Causes

Adenoiditis: Causes Top Causes 1. Fever and flu  Fever up to 102 degree Celsius and flu symptoms can be a contributing factor to adenoiditis. Given above are the causes of adenoiditis. If you want to lead a healthy life then …

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Arrhythmia Causes

Arrhythmia: Causes Top Causes 1. Old age People above the age of 50 years are more prone to develop arrhythmia due to the thinning of blood vessels. While this may not be truly significant, you need to monitor any cardiac …

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Cardiovascular Disease: Causes Top Causes

Depression Causes

Depression: Causes Top Causes 1. Change in neurotransmitter levels in brain This forms the crux of the problem. Various problems that are billed as the causes of depression generally lead to a change in the neurotransmitter levels in the brain. …

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