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Arthritis Causes

Arthritis: Causes Top Causes 1. Physical and mental Stress Physical stress attributes a lot for the occurrence of arthritis as it deposits uric acid in the stiff joints and causes continuous pain in the joints. Mental stress creates hormonal imbalance …

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Alcohol Abuse: Causes Top Causes

Asthma Causes

Asthma: Causes Top Causes 1. Birth history When a mother smokes during pregnancy, she increases her yet to be born kid’s vulnerability to asthma. The baby is deprived of adequate oxygen inside the womb in such a condition, as tobacco …

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Cataracts Causes

Cataracts: Causes Top Causes 1. Hypertension Hypertension can also cause cataract which is similar to the age related cataract. Hypertension combined with diabetes greatly increases the chances for cataract formation. The reason for cataract formation is usually swelling of the …

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Diabetes, Type II Causes

Diabetes, Type II: Causes Top Causes 1. Heavy drinking Drinking alcohol in excess quantities can trigger diabetes. Heavy drinking can cause chronic pancreatitis, which can lead to diabetes by damaging the insulin producing cells of the pancreas. Drinking alcohol can …

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Heart Disease Causes

Heart Disease: Causes Top Causes 1. Smoking There is an impression among a sizable section of population that cancer is the prime life threatening disease that is caused by smoking. This impression is true, but only partly, for smoking is …

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Conjunctivitis Causes

Conjunctivitis: Causes Top Causes 1. Herpes The front part of the eye is covered by a clear dome called the cornea. This cornea gets infected with a viral disease called ocular herpes. It causes very painful sores on the surface …

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