Can Bunions Be Reversed on their Own?

Can Bunions Be Reversed on their Own

Experiencing a bony bump or lump on your big toe? You are likely dealing with a bunion. Bunions are a very common medical issue which occurs when pressure is placed on your foot in an imbalanced way, causing bones to move out of place, and therefore forming a noticeable bump. Bunions can be painful, and leave many people wondering about their options for treatment in order to quickly put an end to the discomfort. Instead of contacting qualified medical professionals at clinics like The Bunion Cure, many people simply hope that their bunions will go away on their own. So, can a bunion be reversed?

1.  At Home Treatments

Unfortunately, nonsurgical methods for treating bunion pain at home are largely ineffective. While there are plenty of over the counter treatments on the market such as shoe inserts and casts, these issues do not treat bunions at the source. When bunions are left untreated over time, the pain associated with them will worsen. At home treatment methods are meant to provide short-term relief for pain that occurs due to  bunions; not to realign the bones or to diminish the bunion itself. The truth is: bunions cannot be reversed, and will not heal on their own. In order to experience permanent relief, bunions need to be surgically removed.

2.  Bunion Surgery

Many patients are hesitant to undergo bunion surgery as it is thought to be quite painful, and tends to have a fairly long recovery period in which patients are limited in terms of mobility and their ability to return to their everyday routines.

3.  New Procedures

The good news is that minimally invasive surgery can be a viable option when it comes to removing bunions and treating pain. New procedures are coming out that are developing on this.

Bunions will not reverse themselves on their own, and must be surgically removed in order to put an end to pain. If you are dealing with a painful bump on the base of your big toe, it is a good idea to contact a medical professional as soon as possible in order to discuss your options for treatment so that you can resume your everyday life and responsibilities as usual, free from any pain.

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