Have you ever seen bright red blood in stool?


Maybe you have heard of those people that have ‘blue blood’ or ‘bad blood’? These conditions do not, of course, relate with actual blood. While almost all blood is reddish, here in this article you will discover different colors of blood and what theses colors actually mean…

Bright red blood in stool is just a valid reason of rectal hemorrhage. Rectal blood loss is a term which represents blood loss from anus. Blood in the anus might have started its journey more up in the colon, known as gastrointestinal tract. The color of the blood reveals where the bleeding started from. As you can’t accurately identify this problem yourself, you’ll sure need expert advice.

Bright red is the commonest color of blood noticed from the anus area. Bright red blood in the stool implies blood which hasn’t had long tour. Thereby it is more likely to be from the anus instead of the intestine. Blood in stool may also mean hemorrhoids (or ‘piles’). Additionally, bright red blood in stool implies strain in the course of bowel motions. Thus, it is recommended for you to go for an analysis.

Bright red blood in stool in negligible amount is not harmful, but a doctor must be consulted to take a look at signs, symptoms and advice on therapy. You should not take it lightly because a small problem can actually lead to bigger problems in coming future. If the bright red blood in stool is severe right through just one bowel action or over some bowel movements, this needs to be discussed with your doctor.

Torn anal fissures might also be a reason of bright red blood in stool, but piles will often also lead to pain and irritation. You must discuss it with your doctor for an accurate solution. Many of us have piles which might be due to the lifestyle, eating habits and, in females, maternity. The pure fact signifies that we all may suffer from piles.

If you are noticing any such symptoms or signs, you have to speak to your doctor to diagnose it properly.

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