Benefits of using Cordyceps mushroom

Benefits of using Cordyceps mushroom

Cordyceps mushroom extract is used to treat fatigue, sickness, kidney disease, and low sex drive. Due to their many benefits, different supplements containing Cordyceps extract have become popular in recent years. Even though much of the research on this mushroom is animal-based, the potential health benefits are really promising. Here are some of the cordyceps mushroom benefits.

Boosting exercise performance

WorkoutAdenosine triphosphate (ATP) is essential for delivering energy to the muscles. Cordyceps increases its production in the body. This will surely improve the way our bodies use oxygen during a workout. There are studies showing improvement in different measures of exercise performance (including VO2 max levels) in older and younger adults.

Managing type 2 diabetes

A special type of sugar, contained in the Cordyceps, may help treat diabetes. This disease occurs when the body can’t produce or respond to insulin (the hormone, which transports the sugar glucose into your cells). When this happens, glucose can’t enter the cells, so it stays in the blood. Over time, this may cause some serious problems. That’s why it is important for the diabetics to make sure their blood sugar levels are balanced.

Here comes the Cordyceps, which may keep blood sugar levels within healthy diapason. There are different studies, showing a decrease in blood sugar levels in diabetic mice. Also, there is some evidence this mushroom may also protect against kidney disease (a common complication of diabetes).

Anti-aging features

Anti-aging featuresCordyceps is commonly used by adults to reduce fatigue and enhance strength. Its anti-aging potential probably can be explained with its antioxidant content. Research has found that Cordyceps mushroom increase antioxidants in mice. By neutralizing free radicals, antioxidants fight cell damage. This mushroom also improves memory and sexual function.

Potential anti-tumor effects

Some studies on potential anti-tumor effects of Cordycepsare show really promising results. This mushroom inhibits the growth of cancer cells. It also has anti-tumor effects on lymphoma, melanoma and lung cancer.

Cordyceps may also reverse leukopenia (a condition in which the number of white blood cells decreases, increasing the risk of infection).

May help fight inflammation

cancerIt is true, that some inflammation is good, but too much can lead to heart disease or cancer. According to some studies, when Cordyceps extract is taken, the body manages to suppress these proteins that increase inflammation. Because of this, researchers believe Cordyceps may turn to be an effective anti-inflammatory supplement.

When used topically in mice, it reduced skin inflammation, too.


Due to the high costs of wild-harvested Cordyceps, Cordyceps supplements contain a synthetically grown version called Cordyceps CS-4. Dosages range from 1000 – 3000 mg. The fungi show promise in many areas. If you consider using it, first speak with your doctor.

This mushroom may help boost athlete performance, manage type 2 diabetes, or fight inflammation. You can benefit from using it in many ways. Make sure you are buying organic powder extracts which free from pesticides and herbicides.

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