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Benefits of Therapeutic Massage

by Dr Prem Community Writer
Benefits of Therapeutic Massage

Essential oils,  Soft music, Utter relaxation; these are just a few reasons to invest in a massage. Most people view them as a luxury they only indulge in once in a while or for a special occasion. But there is actually several health benefits associated with therapeutic massage. It’s not all about relaxing (although that’s a bonus side effect). Read on to discover a few reasons to consider routine massages and how they can boost your overall health and wellbeing.

Injury Prevention

repair injured muscles and ligaments
repair injured muscles and ligaments

Therapeutic massage is a key component in sports therapy and other forms of physical therapy. Not only does it help repair injured muscles and ligaments and increase flexibility, but it can also help prevent future injuries. This makes therapeutic massage especially popular among athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Massage helps strengthen your muscles and keep them healthy, making them more resistant to injury. For athletes who engage in contact sports and intense workout programs and training, strong, healthy muscles are crucial. Cupping is another popular form of therapy for active individuals. Bodyworks by Bulloffers more information on both of these services.

Reduced Stress

This is one of the most common and well known benefits of massage. Not only does the atmosphere completely relax you, but the physical act of getting a massage actually releases chemicals that promote a more positive mood and elicit feelings of happiness. It’s reported that prolonged therapeutic massage can actually increase energy levels, improve focus, reduce pain, and improve sleep. One of the main side effects of lack of sleep and chronic pain is irritability and depression. Therapeutic massage offers a holistic approach to treating these ailments.

Improved Circulation

Therapeutic-Massage Improves Circulation
Therapeutic-Massage Improves Circulation

During a massage, the therapist applies medium to hard pressure on your muscles, loosening and repairing them. This motion of pushing and massaging increase and improves blood flow throughout your body. Your brain, heart, and organs all need ample oxygen to function properly. And the blood in your body is what carries that oxygen. Improved circulation helps bring fresh blood to tense and damaged muscles, promoting the healing process. Another benefit of this hands-on pressure is moving old blood through the body and increasing the flow of new, healthy blood into the muscle tissue. Certain massage techniques help remove lactic acid from the muscle tissue, helping carry metabolic waste away from the organs and muscles. This helps reduce high blood pressure in most patients.

Boosted Immune System

A strong immune system is key for staying healthy and battling off outside viruses and illness. All too often, a person succumbs to illness due to a weakened immune system. This can happen for a multitude of reasons including chronic stress, insomnia, and poor diet. Massage therapy can help boost your immune system and keep you healthy. Not only does therapeutic massage reduce stress and promote better sleep, but it may actually help increase boost your body’s natural cytotoxic capacity (the activity level of “killer cells” in the body). Pair massage therapy with regular exercise, and your body and immune system will remain resilient and strong.

Getting a massage is about more than just lovely smelling oils and indulging yourself. It’s about preventative care, improved health, and a better lifestyle. So, treat yourself to a massage and don’t feel bad about it! View it as an investment in your overall wellbeing.

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