6 Ways to Enhance Sexual Performance


Optimum sexual performance can boost your confidence as a man and can earn you a seat at the lady’s table, not exactly a physical seat, but they will definitely drink you down with that coffee. You may want to be the one they gasp about, right?

You may or may not know that your daily habits contribute directly to your sexual performance. For instance, do you work out?

Is your diet healthy? If your diet is healthy and your lifestyle is fairly active, then you are already winning this game. On the contrary, bad lifestyle habits can be the reason for erectile dysfunction.

Below are more tips that can help you boost your Sexual Performance and stay in the pick of your sexual health.

Drink coffee daily

coffeeCaffeine is said to possess the same qualities that drugs like Viagra have and can stimulate blood flow to the penis. Just start your day with a cup of coffee, and you can check that first box. Pretty simple, right?

Work out

It only makes sense that if you are fit, you will be able to last longer. If you have gained too much weight, and are unfit then this task may be literally an uphill task, and the irony is, you may get to the top of the hill quite fast. Just thirty minutes of exercise can make a huge difference in your sexual health as it will improve cardiovascular fitness.

Eat a lot of fruits and veggies


You should indulge in as many fruits and veggies during your meals. This will lower your cholesterol levels which is one of the most common causes of heart disease. The best way to regulate your cholesterol levels is by eating foods that are rich in fiber.

Take healthy fats only; besides eating food rich. In fiber, you should also increase your daily healthy fats intake such as Omega-3. This will boost your cardiovascular health and will enhance your sexual performance.


Due to personal circumstances, you may not have time and/or the chance to watch and be mindful of your lifestyle. We all want to thrive in this world as well as in this aspect. Have sex more often as this will enable you to learn how to last longer.

Don’t stress


Living a stress-free life is one sure way to enjoy all aspects of a healthy life. Stress can tremendously affect your sexual life as it can cause a heightened cortisol level which will suppress your libido. Take time off every day to indulge in an activity you enjoy. If you feel exhausted during the day, take some time, to breath in and out and stretch.

Take Pills

This is why taking pills is another option for you. The market offers a lot of choices. You may start trying Male Extra as this is one of those hitting the top in the market today.

You can choose to incorporate some of these routines into your daily habits. They seem quite easy to fit into normal life and will give you an out of this world experience. You may also need to cut out some bad habits that can lower your libido such as taking too much sugar, over-drinking alcohol and sleeping for a short period. Rest works wonders as it allows your body to relax and hence allows your brain to connect and be in the moment.

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