6 Things Your Dance Bag Can’t Do Without

As any aspiring dancer knows, having the proper accessories in your dance bag is essential to good practices and performances. In fact; it’s very much a part of the entire allure of dancing to begin with. Who hasn’t brimmed with excitement at the prospect of the first dance bag, the first pair of ballet shoes, and the chance to sift through dance costumes for girls in magazines and online?

Here, we take a look at some of the must-have accessories to in your dance bag – including the bag itself.

  1. The Dance Bag


This is your first chance to shine. The dance bag has a wide range of styles and sizes to fit your personal sense of form and function. It’s the first thing you’ll get before any other item, since the size and number of compartments inside it will determine the physical makeup of the rest of the accessories.

Although your dance bag can, of course, be very stylish – it should prioritize utility above all. You need to be able to pack energy snacks, lotion, extra socks and other things with ease and in an organized way. It’s the perfect complement to your preparedness for performances and practice sessions.

  1. Carry Stuff for Personal Care

We hinted at this in the above; but it’s important enough to expand – given the sheer variety of the things you can carry in your dance bag to make life easier. As a dancer in a performance, you have to look and feel your best, of course.

This means you need body spray (or the equivalent for personal preference), accessories for your hair, deodorant, hand towels, powder, clippers and more. Take an account of the things you will need for dance practice during a week or two, and pack everything in particular compartments of the bag. Don’t forget the makeup for performances.

  1. Clothes 

These should take up the most space in your bag. You’ll need sections for your leg warmers for those cold days, as well as spare dance clothing in case something happens to your primary uniform (a rip, spilled drink, it gets wet or dirty somehow, etc). Pack an extra set of tights, a leotard and a sweater so you don’t get cold while you sit out after a routine.

As for shoes, you should know which ones you need for the day since you cannot reasonably carry more than two pairs in a moderately-sized dance bag. You’ve got a lot of other things in there, and you’re not trying to be a weightlifter, after all. Two shoe compartments, at most, are enough – but one should probably suffice.

  1. Snacks


Without the proper fuel, your body won’t perform up to par. Therefore, make sure you always have something to replenish your glycogen levels after a vigorous workout, and to keep you energized throughout the day. Water is absolutely essential; keep a flask with you at all times on the outside of your dance bag.

As for treats, bananas, pretzels, trail mix with M&M candy, granola bars and similar snack items are great. Food also helps you manage your levels of stress better by giving you back any nervous energy you might have burned off in the lead-up to a routine. Avoid sugary snacks – the sweets are temporary energy that can cause a later crash of fatigue. You should also carry a few dollars so that you can purchase snacks from a vending machine if you’re in a pinch.

  1. Bandages and Gauze

Basically, the ingredients of a First-Aid kit. You don’t want to have to depend on anyone else if you get hurt and need to wrap something quickly. Although it’s likely that supplies will be available, it’s a good idea to have gauze, band-aids, dancer’s tape and hydrogen peroxide or alcohol wipes on hand.

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