6 Best Outdoor Activities for Exercise


Are you a nature fanatic? Do you love spending time outdoors? Are you also looking to shed some weight, improve your health, and switch up your workout routine? If you’re looking for new and different ways to enjoy the outdoors while also staying fit and healthy, this list is for you! Keep reading to discover some of the best outdoor activities that also double as effective exercise.


JoggingIf you’ve already mastered walking and want to challenge yourself, consider jogging or running. The benefits of this outdoor activity include building leg and core strength, as well as a healthy heart and lungs. Some professionals believe that running is unnecessarily rough on your knees, hips, and back, and while this may be true, there are ways to reduce your risk of injury while running. Wearing the proper sneakers (based on the terrain) and using proper running form are key components of getting the most out of this exercise without injuring yourself. Start out with a light jog and then progress to a faster pace. Add another element of fun by signing up for a 5K race or even an obstacle course! Find a running buddy and meet at the local track or park to see how many seconds you can shave off your best mile. Remember to always stretch before and after your runs to avoid injury, including torn muscles or ligaments.


Do you like the idea of walking outside but running doesn’t appeal to you? Hiking is an awesome alternative that not only challenges you, but also gives you the opportunity to experience nature at its finest! There are countless hiking trails around most parts of the United States, you just need to know where to find them! Start out with a clearly marked trail. Most trails offer easy, moderate, and difficult courses. Be sure to pack plenty of supplies before your day in the woods. Essentials include water, a map, compass, flashlight (if you think you’ll be out after sunset), and the proper equipment. Invest in a sturdy pair of hiking boots, a lightweight jacket and backpack, and comfortable supportive socks. Check out this site to help get you started –!


KayakingIf you love the water, enjoy being outdoors, and are looking for a great upper body workout, look no further. Kayaking as grown in popularity recently and it’s no wonder why. This relaxing activity doubles as an effective workout. For many years, rowing was considered one of the best upper body workouts around. In fact, most gyms are equipped with rowing machines specifically for that reason! But if you want to enjoy nature and workout at the same time, why not try this leisurely sport? Did you know that just 60 minutes of kayaking can burn up to 350 calories? Of course, this depends on how hard you paddle! The good news is, kayaking is good for more than just your arms. Your back, shoulders, torso, and legs will all get plenty of exercise! And why not work on your tan while you’re at it? If you’re a first time kayaker, be sure to bring a friend along and wear a life jacket.


This is one of the most basic and surprisingly effective workouts out there. Several factors determine how many calories you actually burn while walking including your size, the distance you walk, and at what pace you walk. A good foundation to follow is that you burn about 100 calories per mile if you weight at or around 180 pounds. Those weighing less (around 120 pounds) will burn around 65 calories. Although the speed with which you walk doesn’t matter too much, the faster you go, the more you’ll sweat and the more your heart rate will spike. This could more easily put you into the fat-burning zone. Want to kick things up a notch? Add light weights on your wrists or ankles to add strength training to your workout. But you can also keep things relatively simple by talking a casual walk around your block, on your lunch break, or at the local park. Have a dog? Take Fido for a stroll while burning calories and getting much-needed fresh air and vitamin D!

Rock Climbing

Rock-ClimbingLooking for an activity on dry land? Are you a bit of an adrenaline junky? If so, rock climbing is an adventurous, exhilarating, and perfect way to exercise outdoors. Not only does rock climbing tone and strengthen your arm and back muscles, but it also improves grip strength, agility, and coordination. Your legs get a workout too as you push yourself up from one perch to another. If you’re just starting out, try an indoor rock climbing facility where trained instructors help you navigate the walls and you’re safely tethered to ropes and a pulley system. Outdoor rock climbing requires a helmet and special equipment designed specifically for the activity. Never climb alone and be sure to wear the proper footwear to allow for adequate gripping.

Paddle Boarding

Another great way to get on the water and workout at the same time is paddle boarding! This activity is slightly more challenging than kayaking, mostly due to the amount of balance required to stay steady on your board. Paddling boarding uses a board similar to a surfboard and one paddle that looks a lot like a kayak or rowing oar. While balancing yourself on the board, you use the oar to glide peacefully through the water. And while it may look effortless, paddle boarding requires coordination, balance, and unbelievable core strength!

Exercise doesn’t need to be a chore. In fact, when done right, it can be a lot of fun! Why not take your workout outside to help boost your mood, metabolism, and weight loss efforts?

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