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5 Ways To Treat Even The Worst Headaches

by Dr Prem Community Writer
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For many, headaches are an inconvenient part of life. For others, they are a daily struggle, an ongoing discomfort that reduces the overall quality of life. Whether you consider yourself in the former or the latter camp, chances are you’ve treated a headache with over-the-counter pain medication; and, although painkillers do make this list, they are far from the only (or even best) countermeasure available. This article will list five different ways to treat even the worst headaches. Many of the solutions here are temporary, though one of them – chiropractic care – is a wonderful long-term solution to certain types of headaches.


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It can be hard to tell sometimes whether caffeine causes or treats headaches. Indeed, it can be both a trigger and inhibitor. Caffeine withdrawal, experienced normally by individuals who successively have too much caffeine and then none at all (think an office worker who has four cups of coffee in the morning, and then wonders why he/she feels crummy in the evening), can absolutely cause headaches. Some caffeine, however, can help narrow your blood vessels, restricting flow and easing the pain of a headache.

Chiropractic Care

Now for a more fundamental, long-term solution. Cervicogenic, cluster and tension headaches are collectively the most common forms of headache, and in many cases the discomfort originates in the spine and neck. A chiropractor can help by performing spinal corrections and offering stretches and exercises you can do at home to alleviate and avoid pain. Find a chiropractor in Toronto like Transform Chiropractic in Bloor West Village who offer what’s called “structural correction”, a type of chiropractic that focuses on the underlying foundational issues caused by your spine.



As a Band-Aid solution, over-the-counter pain medication can work for headaches. Essentially, they work by blocking nerve responses to the brain, but this is a temporary solution and does not address the underlying reasons for the headache, but only the produced symptom. Of course, if you’re experiencing a headache at work and have not seen a chiropractor, nor do you have access to a relaxing space, painkillers can be helpful.

Rest And Relaxation

This makes intuitive sense – people tend to rest when in pain – but it’s also backed up by solid science. Stress has a way of tensing up muscles, which in turn can cause tension headaches, so taking some time to lay down and relax can be not only mentally therapeutic, but physically as well. If your headaches also appear to be caused or exasperated by photosensitivity, choose a dark room to relax.

Hot Or Cold Compress

For mild headaches, a hot or cold towel, a hot water balloon or ice pack can work wonders. While not as well studied as the other entries in this list, a hot or cold compress helps alleviate headaches by easing and soothing muscle tension. If a hot compress doesn’t work for you, try a cold compress (or vice versa), or perhaps swap between the two.

In conclusion, there are a number of ways to temporarily alleviate pain caused by headaches. For a more in-depth solution, one that focuses on the underlying issues rather than just the symptoms, try a chiropractor here in Toronto specializing in structural correction.

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