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5 House cleaning hacks to help you stay healthy

by DrPrem Jagyasi

Cleaning and maintaining hygiene is an integral part of the home care, and needs to be done from time to time to ensure good health for all the residents. When it comes to cleaning, most of us believe in buying expensive cleaning solutions which claim to kill most of the germs and make the surface completely dust free.

But, is there a need to spend much money to ensure cleanliness in home?

Here are some highly effective and inexpensive cleaning hacks that will not only ensure thorough cleaning, but, will also not burn a hole in your pocket.

Using Salt and Lemon to Clean Chopping Boards

The chopping board need a thorough cleaning, and if you clean them with chemicals infused dish washers or cleaners, there are chances that the chemical residue may stay with them. Instead, use kosher salt and lemon to clean these. Sprinkle the kosher salt on the chopping board, and rub it with a half cut lemon.

Baking Soda to Clean Your Sofa and Mattresses

Baking soda possesses anti-bacterial properties, and it is highly effective in making the surfaces being cleaned with it, germ free.

Sprinkle the baking soda on the sofa or mattress that you want to clean, and let it be there for about half an hour. Afterwards, clean the sprinkled baking soda with a vacuum cleaner to get cleaner and germ free mattresses and sofa surfaces.

Water and Vinegar to Clean Your Blinds

Vinegar for cleaning

If you want to clean your blinds, simply, take an old sock and wear it on your hand. Put the mixture of equal quantities of water and vinegar in a sprinkler, and sprinkle this solution on the blinds. Afterwards, wipe the blinds off with your hand covered with the old sock. It will help in cleaning the blind from both sides at once.

Consider checking this YouTube video for more cleaning hacks which will make the home cleaning very easy.

Nonetheless, if you wish to buy any of those commercial home cleaners, you can use discount coupons offered by My Voucher Codes to buy them cheaper.  Now, continuing with the list, here are some more house cleaning hacks that you would love utilizing for sure.

Hair Dryer to Remove the Water Rings From Wood Surface

Sometimes, placing glass of water on the wooden tables and surfaces result in the formation of the water rings. These water rings can be easily removed with the help of a hair dryer.

Switch on the hair dryer and point it to the wooden surface with the ring for a few seconds. Afterwards, refresh the surface by putting a few drops of the olive oil and massaging it thoroughly.

Cleaning the Bath Tub

Make a solution with one teaspoon of the liquid soap, baking soda and a few drops of the anti-bacterial oil and the water. Use this solution to clean your bathtub and make it germ free.

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Finally yet importantly, it’s imperative to have the right home cleaning equipment to realize perfect cleaning every time.

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