5 Health Tips that Make Your First Trimester Easier

Health Tips that Make Your First Trimester Easier

You may have heard many old wives’ tales while researching your current or upcoming pregnancy and what to do when your body starts changing. Which tips are really worth considering? Because let’s be honest, you won’t have time or energy to waste on silly remedies when you’re facing nausea and other challenges during your first trimester.

The good news is that there are tips that do work. They range from DIY methods to asking professionals for help, such as a pregnancy acupuncture Melbourne or other larger cities’ health treatment establishments can assist you with.

Is it worth doing your research? Yes, because a growing baby will have you feel emotions and sensations you’ve never experienced before. Better to be prepared.

What’s Difficult During the First Trimester?

Nausea problemFirstly, every pregnancy is unique, but for most women the first trimester is the most difficult because of the range of symptoms you may have:

  • Nausea, which is common in the morning, but could happen at any time
  • Fatigue, since your body is working overtime to help the baby develop
  • Cramping and other sensations brought on by body changes and the release of progesterone
  • Tender breasts

Less serious symptoms include food cravings and urinating a lot. Bottomline, your life is about to change and here’s how you can manage it effectively; with tips that really work.

Tips that Really Work During Pregnancy

The Right Vitamins

It’s important that you don’t only manage symptoms throughout the pregnancy, because what really matters is the development of the fetus. You can assist in this process by making sure your body has the relevant and necessary nutrients that benefit baby development. Most important is folic acid, or you can try a multi vitamin specifically developed for pregnant women.

The first 13 weeks are crucial and this is unfortunately the time where most miscarriages happen. You need to look after your body from the moment you realise you’re pregnant and you can even drink supplements while trying to conceive, to ensure your body is ready for what comes next.


pregnancy acupunctureOnce the embryo is there, the physical challenges may start for you. A treatment you may not have considered is pregnancy acupuncture. It’s not a traditional approach to pregnancy tips but you’ll wish you heard about this natural approach long ago.

Of course, you need to find a reputable acupuncturist but in general the practice is safe. Simply inform your therapist that you’re pregnant.

These sessions help with general wellbeing and the healthier you are, the healthier your baby can be inside your womb. For you personally you can look forward to less nausea in many cases and you may not feel as tired as before.

Note that acupuncture is safe to try during all three trimesters.

Try Ginger for Nausea

One of the main aspects women complain about during the first few weeks is nausea, even if not accompanied by vomiting. It’s frustrating and even debilitating to experience this uncomfortable sensation for a big part of your morning or your day. Here it’s once again best to try natural means of treatment by taking ginger in some form.

The efficiency of ginger means you’ll find many pregnancy help products these days, such as ginger drops. Alternatively, try ginger ale, a ginger biscuit or simply grate fresh ginger into a cup of tea.

Why is this not an old wives’ tale? The science behind this remedy is that ginger helps regulate blood pressure and digestive functioning. Both these aspects can affect nausea. Remember, to assist your baby and create the placenta that will help care for the fetus, circulation expands and hormones introduced to your body can make blood vessels dilate. By using ginger you’re helping your body cope with changes.

Eat Small Meals Often

Eat-Small-Meals-during-pregnancyAnother diet tip is to keep meals small. You may feel more hunger pains since your body is working hard. If you eat too much at a time though, you’re bound to feel more nauseous. Eating sometimes alleviates nausea but don’t fall into the trap of then eating too much. Rather keep snacks on hand and create a few small meals for throughout the day.

Listen to Your Body

We are so easy to compare ourselves with others, which means you may be thinking you should look, act and feel they way your friends did when they were pregnant. But your body will react to the hormones and changes in a unique way, which means you’ll need remedies that suit you best.

You may feel exhaustion in the day while others are tired late in the afternoon. It won’t help trying to push your body beyond its limits and remember you need to do what is best for the baby. So, rest when your body tells you it’s tired. You’ll have less frustration when you don’t create expectations your body simply can’t meet.

Final Words

You need to accept that you’ll feel different while you’re pregnant but don’t be too apprehensive. Being pregnant can be a wonderful time, especially if you give your body and the baby what they need.

If you discover more tips that really work, don’t forget to share with us!

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