5 Common Signs of Aging in Women


If the foundation of youth truly existed, it’d likely be dried up by now. That’s because men and women of all ages are constantly on the hunt for new and innovative ways of looking and feeling younger. Sadly, the pressure to look a certain way often falls squarely on the shoulders of females. In the hopes to outwit Father Time, women place immense pressure on themselves to look a certain way.

It’s hard not to compare yourself to eternal beauties like Jennifer Lopez and Sandra Bullock who, at 49 and 54 (respectively), look better than most 20-year-olds! But some things are just inevitable — and aging is one of them. Keep reading to discover some of the most common signs of aging in women and ways to gracefully navigate them without sacrificing your sanity.

1. Weight Gain

Weight GainWhen women are asked, “If you could change one thing about the way you look, what would it be?”, their weight is often the first thing that comes to mind. Although the average woman in America weighs just over 170 pounds and stands right around 5 feet 3 inches tall, the average supermodel weighs 23% less than this and stands 5 foot 7.

So what does that mean for females of all ages? It means feeling the pressure to conform to an unnatural goal and body image. This pressure leads to feelings of inadequacy, low self-esteem, and even body dysmorphia. Now throw age into the mix and you have a recipe for disaster.

You can’t fight science and the truth is, after the age of 30, your metabolism slows down a little more with each passing year. While it may have been hard to lose weight in your 20’s while binge drinking and chowing down on pizza at midnight, weight loss for women become even harder after the age of 30. To successfully lose weight as you get older, you need to take a long, hard look at your diet and activity level.

Even if you perform the same exercises you once did and eat the same foods, your body mechanics have changed. That means you may need to reduce your caloric intake even more, incorporate more natural foods and less processed, or try a more rigorous workout regime. Sadly, as the number of candles on your birthday cake increases, so does the number on the scale.

2. Wrinkles

wrinkleThis is one of the most common signs of aging in both men and women. Your skin loses elasticity as you age, causing sagging and visible wrinkles — primarily on the face. There are countless tips and tricks for reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Your first line of defense is preventative care. Simple things like wearing sunscreen, moisturizing your skin, wearing less makeup, and exfoliating can all help reduce visible signs of wrinkles. The most common places for facial wrinkles to appear include around the mouth (frown and smile lines) and eyes (crows feet).

Overexposure to the sun and smoking are two of the main culprits when it comes to visible wrinkles. Both the sun and nicotine damage skin cells and prevent new ones from rejuvenating. They also break down your skin’s elasticity, causing it to sag. This is an option you might want to try for younger, healthier looking skin.

3. Thinning Hair

Thinning HairHair loss isn’t just for men. Although most men over the age of 40 start to notice thinning hair at a more rapid rate, women can experience these same changes. Some hair loss in women is due to genetics alone. Just like in men, women can experience female-pattern baldness. This is the same, common, hairloss known as male-pattern baldness. This type of hair loss is most notably marked by hair loss in a specific pattern.

Men experience a receding hairline followed by bald spots and patches, while women will often see thinning hair all over their scalp. Are you finding more and more hair on your shower walls? Is your hairbrush covered in your strands? More hair everywhere but your head is common among women over the age of 40 but can start as young as 30! There are a few things you can try to rectify thinning hair. These include:

  • Scalp massages
  • Hair thinning shampoos
  • Medication
  • Essential oils
  • Multivitamins (including folic acid and omega-3 fatty acids)

Your thinning hair might also be the perfect excuse for rocking those funky hats you’ve owned but never used or trying to reinvent yourself with a wig!

4. Sagging Skin

Sagging SkinYour face isn’t the only place that might experience sagging as you age. Many women complain about sagging skin in their breasts, backsides, and stomachs. Just like the skin on your face, the skin on the rest of your body loses elasticity with age. Collagen in the skin is what creates elasticity and it’s this same component that is lost as your body ages. Another factor that plays a part in drooping or sagging skin is the loss of fat in the body (who knew losing fat could be a bad thing?) This loss of fat causes the skin to sag where it was once held tightly. Extreme weight loss is another cause of sagging skin. In most cases, this skin can’t be tightened and skin-removal surgery is the only option.

But not all hope is lost! There are certain ways to help firm sagging skin. One of the biggest complaints women have is about their sagging breasts. Following childbirth, breast feeding, and the powerful effects of gravity, most women experience sagging breasts over time. If you’re not opposed to surgery, a breast lift is a viable option. Performing exercise to tighten the muscles beneath the skin can help, in some cases, to reduce sagging. While you can’t undo the sagging itself, toning your muscles can help to fill your body out a bit more.

From weight gain and wrinkles to hair loss and sagging skin, the signs of aging in women are hard to deny. But the good news is, by making a few lifestyle changes, you can potentially prevent them from happening (or at least delay them)! Adopt a healthy skin care routine alongside proper diet and exercise. Avoid coloring or over processing your hair and keep the muscles in your face and body tight! And lastly, embrace your age! It’s part of what makes you beautiful.

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