4 Reasons to why couples seek relationship counseling and therapy

couples seek relationship counseling

It’s perfectly normal and sometimes inevitable for couples to have disagreements and arguments in their relationships. However, that does not mean that the partners should separate or just abandon their relationship. Luckily, there are couple therapy sessions that help couples reconnect with one another. Without straying away from the topic any further, here are the 4 leading reasons to why couples seek therapy.

Differences in parenting methodologies


While one parent may want his or her child to cry his or her heart out, the other parent may simply want to rock his or her child back to happiness. While one may want his or her child to focus primarily on education, the other parent may value other things. And, as a child grows older, the differences in parenting methods can intensify, leading to disagreements and arguments between the parents. If you are a parent and you see this sort of theme developing between you and your partner, you should seek help immediately. Differing parenting styles is one of the leading causes as to why couples seek therapy.


A relationship simply shouldn’t have room for infidelity. Therefore, cheating is also a leading cause to why couples seek therapy. Contrary to popular opinion, infidelity does not only occur when the marriage is in crisis; even happy couples tend to cheat for various reasons. No longer are physical extramarital affairs the only form of cheating; the other forms include emotional cheating, opportunistic infidelity, obligatory infidelity, and conflicted romantic infidelity.

When couples become roommates

When couples feel more like roommates who are occasional lovers, it could spell doom for their relationship. There is no spark in the relationship anymore and the partners simply treat one another with common courtesy. Basically, many couples tend to seek therapy when they are a high-five away from friendzoning one another. People change over time and the person you fell in love with a year ago may not simply be the same. The theme can be best described as the beginning of the end. And, a lot of couples tend to seek counseling and therapy when they experience the aforementioned theme in their relationship.


drugs addiction

Let’s be honest here—what good has addiction done to anyone? Drug addiction is a pressing issue and when it is left untreated, it can greatly hamper one’s health, professional career, and relationship. When one of the partners develops an addiction to drugs, it can only either lead to a separation or introduce the sober partner to drugs. In order to overcome addiction problems, one will need to have a strong frame of mind and be mentally stable. After all, in order to stay clean, it is essential to overcome the severe mental barrier of craving for drugs. Luckily, there are numerous couple rehabs and addiction treatment for couples where couples can seek help together hand-in-hand.

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