3 Ways Your Lifestyle Impacts Your Hair

Your Lifestyle Impacts Your Hair

When it comes to keeping your body and hair healthy, your lifestyle will have a huge impact. If you are looking to combat hair loss or make your hair grow quicker, there are some ways you can maximize the growth. All of these ways will depend on you making healthy lifestyle choices, and staying consistent with them. However, sometimes hair loss is inevitable if it is common in your family, you’re taking certain medications or you have an illness.

You don’t need to worry if you’re losing hair as it isn’t life threatening and there are some ways you can deal with it, a hair transplant Turkey is an option many men and women use. The procedure is generally fast, however you will need to partake in some aftercare and travel to Turkey if you want the transplant at a reasonable price. Some would prefer not to get a transplant and deal with their stress levels instead to see if this stops the hair loss. If you suspect it’s stress causing your hair loss, there are some ways to stop this and you should focus on…

1. Nutrition is key for hair growth

woman taking right Nutritio

Pay close attention to everything you’re putting into your body and make sure you include the right nutritious foods in your diet. If you are vegan or vegetarian it can be more difficult to get all the nutrition you need on a daily basis and this is where vitamins and supplements come in handy. Make sure you don’t have an iron or zinc deficiency as this can impact your hair, eating more dark leafy greens can help prevent these types of deficiencies. Along with this, you should drink enough water everyday, eat enough protein and cut out unhealthy snacks. Introduce more Omega-3 food into your diet and some studies indicate hair benefits from eating oily fish, chia seeds, soybeans and flax seeds. You can also find Omega-3 supplement options if you don’t think you’re incorporating enough into your diet. 

2. The environment you live in will affect hair growth

DNA of the hair follicles

Toxins, pollution and smoking can also have a negative effect on the growth of your hair and encourage it to start falling out. If you are a smoker, you should try to give up and see if this is why your hair is falling out, the only way you will know is by quitting. Smoking will directly damage the DNA of the hair follicles, even if you are breathing in secondhand smoke. It will also put your body into a stress state if you are smoking lots, this can impact your hair negatively. If you come into contact with pollutants, make sure you use deep conditioners and wash your hair regularly.

3. Keep your stress levels in order

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Stress levels will without a doubt affect your hair growth and if you are going through a particularly significant or stressful time in your life, you should pay attention to limiting stress. There are some successful ways to limit stress like practicing meditation, yoga and breathing exercises. The key to minimizing stress is practicing these relaxation techniques on a daily basis, or at least a few times a week.

Now that you know how your lifestyle impacts your hair growth, you can make changes where you need to and see if your hair will grow again. If not, luckily there are many alternatives like a hair transplant in Turkey. Bear in mind, hair loss isn’t going to kill you so make it day-by-day and try not to stress about it. There are options for therapy and counseling if you are feeling overly worried about it, and you won’t be alone if you are.

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