3 Tips for Helping an Aging Parent Transition to Assisted Living

Helping an Aging Parent Transition to Assisted Living

No matter what stage one is at in life, it is never easy to admit that you need help getting by. It is a matter of pride for many people to be able to live and function independently. When the time comes that you have to lean on others for support and guidance, it can be difficult to admit. This is just one reason why it can be so difficult to help an aging parent transition into the stage of life where they need more help on a day-to-day basis than they are getting.

An assisted living facility is a terrific option for many seniors who are still moderately independent. These facilities are designed with the security and comfort that seniors need and minor medical assistance from qualified healthcare professionals. There is also 24/7 assistance on call in case an emergency should arise.

While such facilities provide families and seniors with a great deal of peace of mind, it isn’t unusual to find that your aging parent is resistant to the idea of moving to such a place. The thought of giving up any independence at all can be frightening, and major changes can be tough for the elderly to handle.

If you are currently looking to help your parent transition to an assisted living facility, here are three tips that can help you along the way.

1. Keep Their Opinions in the Picture

Assisted LivingOne of the reasons that an aging parent might resist the thought of moving into an assisted living facility is that such a change can make them feel as though they are losing control over their own life. Do your best to make it known that this is not the case by keeping their opinions in the picture.

If you have an assisted living facility in mind, ask them what their thoughts are. Places like Gatesworth have various amenities and home comforts and will allow potential residents to come and tour the facility. Take your parent on such tours to see what they think about their potential new home.

2. Have a Plan in Place

Another thing that can make your parent resistant to transitioning into an assisted living facility is the overwhelming nature of such a move. This is why, with their input in mind, you need to do the heavy lifting, so to speak, when it comes to organizing the move.

Create a sensible plan that requires as little active work on the part of your parent. By having a plan in place ready to go, you can help them feel more comfortable with the overall situation.

3. Keep Checking In

assisted living facilityThere are bound to be a number of emotions involved when transitioning a parent into an assisted living facility. This is why it is important that you continue to check in with them about how they are feeling. Give their concerns and apprehensions the attention they deserve and do what you can to ease their mind about the changes taking place.

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