3 Aromatherapy Recipes for a Better Immune System


The body is exposed to germs, bacteria, and harmful substances on a regular basis. The decreasing air quality and other problems happening to the environment have made bacteria a lot stronger too. If you have been suffering from frequent colds or you find yourself feeling ill more often than usual, you’re seeing the signs of an immune system in need of some help.

Fortunately, there are many ways to boost your immune system effectively. Better diet, regular exercise, and supplements are among the many tools you can use to strengthen your body’s resistance against harmful substances. You can also use aromatherapy and essential oils to boost your immune system. We have the best three recipes you can try in this article.

Tea Tree Oil

Diffusing essential oils is beneficial for two reasons. Your body can absorb the essential oil better and you can simply expose yourself to the benefits of these oils more frequently without the extra hassle. There are diffusers that can be left on all day or through the night too, making the whole aromatherapy regime easier to follow.

The first essential oil to try is tea tree oil. As the name suggests, tea tree oil is made from the extract of tea tree leaves. It has been used to treat a wide range of health issues since the 18th century. There is a long list of benefits to enjoy from this particular essential oil.

Tea tree oil is a good anti-microbial and anti-viral treatment; both benefits easily translate to your body being able to deal with bacteria and viruses more effectively. The essential oil also works well at treating flu symptoms, since it is an effective decongestant and expectorant.


Eucalyptus is another great essential oil to use if you want to boost your body’s immune system. It is known to be effective against colds, flu, coughs, and other everyday illnesses. Eucalyptus’s natural aroma also helps to alleviate the heavy production of mucous when you’re suffering from a bad cold.

Similar to tea tree oil, eucalyptus oil also has anti-viral and decongestant properties. You can enhance the effect of eucalyptus oil further by opting for certain blends. Manufacturers of essential oils usually produce certain blends that contain eucalyptus. The doTERRA On Guard is a must-try if you want to boost your immune system.



Rosemary essential oil is another must-have, especially if you have allergies. When used for aromatherapy, rosemary essential oil effectively reduces the symptoms of sinusitis, rhinitis, and bronchitis. It also helps to deepen your breathing and improve the flow of oxygen throughout the body.

Rosemary essential oil is also a good expectorant, so you can fight heavy coughs with this recipe. You can even directly inhale the aroma of rosemary oil from the bottle if you want to eliminate congestion in the nose. Thanks to products like doTERRA oils, you can carry a bottle with you wherever you go.

These recipes are simple and easy to try, yet they are effective in helping your body improve its immune system. Regular aromatherapy sessions with any of these essential oils will prepare your body better for the health challenges of today.

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