Playing video games is good for your health and memory


Video games do not have the reputation for being healthy, but new research is proving otherwise. It seems that playing video games can be good for your emotional, mental and physical health. This actually goes against the common opinion of video games, which is that they harm the eyes, might provoke violence and so on. But new research is saying that in fact, video games may be good for your eyes. Video games can help you in many ways (if you play them in limit). You must also ensure that you spend time outdoors, in order to maintain a balance. Here are some benefits of playing video games:

Video games can help overcome dyslexia


For people who suffer from dyslexia, playing video games may help to overcome their disability. According to studies, one of the problems of dyslexia is lack of attention and concentration. While playing video games, you have to concentrate and be attentive to the voices and text that pop up on the screen. The focus on the game benefits the brains of dyslexic people, which enables them to function better.

Your eyesight may improve

As the cords are longer, you no longer have to sit close to the screen to play. The colourful displays of the game which have the instruction in different shades force the eye to register the color variance and this improves vision. People who suffer from ‘lazy eyes’ also have benefited by playing video games, as the fast paced games make the players follow the movements quickly, which leads to the eye muscles being strengthened.

It’s good for family bonding

family bonding

You may not want to play with your parents / children but according to the latest research, playing video games together is actually great for a family’s psychological well-being. We all know the excitement and fun that accompany games, and you tend to open up. This is actually what helps – scientists call this the opposite of ‘internalizing’, which is the case when children/parents do not talk openly with each other. Playing video games helps families to open up with each other, thus leading to better bonding.

Improve social skills

Most gaming units connect to others online and you can chat live or on the forums, which leads to everyone discussing the games and celebrating wins. This creates a sense of belonging and you learn to communicate with different people.

Gamers can be fit and active


Since games can be saved now to finish later, you don’t have to sit for hours to finish the game.  Also, games like Wii Fit, Just Dance, Guitar Hero and so on, involves dancing and moving and jumping all round the room. This helps to improve your posture, build muscles and lose weight. If you and your kids play different games, especially those which are based on sports, your kids may develop an interest in those sports in reality and can join the school team or play with their friends. You could encourage your kids to play outdoors and do so yourself to stay fit and healthy.

Your creativity is enhanced

To succeed in games, you have to find creative solutions to defeat your opponent. Whether you’re imagining universes or planning tactical moves in military games, you have to delve into your creativity and this practice makes you more creative in all aspects of your life.

Your brain stays young

brain stays young

Your brain’s plasticity, i.e. the ability to learn and adapt decreases as you grow older. But studies have shown that if you play video games for some time every day as therapy, it might help your brain in staying young and retaining its plasticity.

Improves memory

You have to remember characters, missions, patterns and other information that can help your memory as well as train your brain. There are games designed specially to enhance memory and cognitive abilities.


You make faster decisions


You have to think fast in some games, and are forced to take a quick decision, whether right or wrong. This helps in increasing your calm under pressure in gameplay and real life.

Video games have many benefits. Everyone has some worries in life and video gaming helps to bust stress by taking your mind off things, as well as helping you to stay mentally and physically fit.

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