20 ways of whiling away time when recovering from long term medical condition


Confining to your bed or a minimal space is the biggest drawback we face while recovering from a surgery, a fracture, or even a prolonged illness. The idea of resting throughout the day and not doing anything may sound nice in the beginning, but very soon boredom will creep in and the recovery period loses its sheen. You have to put down a list of few things that could keep you occupied during your recuperation.
Read books


Reading is the first resort you would turn to and could easily lose interest in too. This is because you have most probably picked out a book from your pile of unread ones. Instead, do a small research and get a new book you are interested in reading.

Make a to-do list

Make list things that need to be done around your house or office.

Watch movies

Watch movies

Sign-up to a Netflix or Amazon prime video or any other such platforms that have variety of contents and start binge watching something of your choice.

Write something creative

Start writing that novel or short story that you have always wanted to do.

Mild exercise

Indulge yourself in light bed exercises or yoga, this will aide you to a speedy recovery. Always take the opinion of your doctor before you do so. Try and soak in some good sunshine whenever possible as the vitamin D triggers production of endorphins.


Online gaming is a sure shot boredom killer. You may indulge in different genres of games available online with options varying from single player to multi player games in real time.

Do Online Course


Sharpen your skills through an online course. Learn a foreign language or even playing a new musical instrument. Try and learn card tricks or solving the Rubik’s cube.

Join Some Cause

Be useful by being part of a micro volunteering team. You may also offer to train others by teaching them a skill you are proficient in via internet or in person.

Discover new music


Listening to music is also good for recovery at an emotional level. Try listening to audio books, sometimes in the condition you are in, it would be easier to listen to books than reading them.

Solve Puzzles

Sharpen your brain by doing crossword puzzles and solving Sudoku.

Explore the internet


Many a times we stumble upon interesting videos to while away time on Youtube and vimeo.


Call up your friends and relatives; socialize with them instead of being moody about your medical condition. Play board games or engage in conversations with your visitors. Be as lively and positive as possible.

Use social media

social media

Start a social media account on Instagram or Pinterest and add info about the research you have done on your condition, so that people with similar interests can follow it. You can also blog about it and chronicle recovery on popular social media networks.

Join online recovery group

Participate in online recovery groups with your similar ailment and make the recuperation process enjoyable by making new friends.



Learn to meditate and practice it as much as possible as it will benefit towards a smooth recovery.

Learn about online business

Have an idea for an online business – now is the time you can research and experiment on it.

Do an online job

ON LINE JOB Take up a part time online job if your condition permits you to do so. There are so many freelance writing jobs and surveys available online that pay quite well.

Finish pending tasks

As you have all the spare time in your hands now, help in planning for the upcoming event in your family or sort out your personal chores. Now would be a good idea to do research on furnishing ideas for your new home or the tattoo you want to get.

Spend time with family


Spend time with your children and your pets. Play with them, hug them and care for them – all these gestures make you happy and will help towards a speedy recovery.

Change your looks

Get a manicure, pedicure and facial or do it by yourself if your condition allows you to. Experiment new looks with your hair. Try nail art.

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