9 Exercises to help recover from weight loss surgery

Bariatric surgery is meant for people who are overweight or obese. A variety of procedures are involved in this surgery process. The people who are overweight actually have an enlarged stomach and their tendency to consume more food further aggravates the problem. Doctors reduce the size of the stomach by the implanting of a medical device or with the help of removal of a particular section of the stomach. Bariatric surgery has been found in a recent survey as a very effective weight reducing measure for long term purposes. Since the surgery is of such a big dimension, the recovery process also should be known to the individual. To maintain the effectiveness of the surgery and to promote physical well being, an individual should undertake certain exercises. These exercises will not only keep his weight under check but also help in faster recovery from the surgery.

Deep breathing exercise

Deep breathing exercises also helps in the recovery process from bariatric surgery. These exercises help in the elimination of the effect of anesthesia on the individual during the surgery and also promote better blood circulation in his body. The proper way to do this deep breathing exercise is to inhale as deeply as possible. The next step involves holding the breath for two seconds. After the passing of two seconds, the individual should exhale fully. These steps should be done thrice. Then the individual should again inhale deeply. Coughing involves the next step. The cough should come from the stomach and not from your throat. For support, a pillow can be held on to the abdomen for support.


Swimming is one of the most popular aerobic exercises among individuals. When an individual swims, large muscle groups of his body are involved in the process. Swimming can be continued for long periods of time as it does not have any side effects on your body. The exertion of the muscles will make you tired and this will eventually lead you to using the oxygen in your body more effectively. This efficient usage of the oxygen in your body will help organs like heart, lungs and even the circulatory system of your body. Individuals can perform any type of swimming style for exercise purpose. For losing weight however, half an hour to forty five minutes of practice is required to be done by individuals. This should be done at least five times a week for the best results. For individuals who want to maintain a good fitness level, practicing swimming for twenty minutes two times or three times a week is enough.

Exercise of feet and legs

For better circulation in your body, an individual should do some exercises involving their feet and legs. Doing these exercises properly is very important for betterment of the health after the surgery. For doing this exercise, an individual needs to push his toes of both legs towards the end of his bed. The action should be like pressing down on a gas pedal. The next step involves pulling the toes towards the head of the bed and relaxing. Circling each ankle to the right and then to the left is the next step. This process should be repeated thrice for best results.You can also try some ball exercises which will help stretch the legs and feet. It would bring back the flexibility of your body.


Another simple, easy and effective aerobic exercise is jogging. Jogging involves large muscle groups. An individual can do this exercise for long periods of time. Jogging pushes your body to use the oxygen in an efficient manner and help to deliver the maximum beneficial effects to one’s heart, lungs and the circulatory system. Twenty minutes of jogging in your lawn or in the park twice or thrice a week will help you in maintaining good physical and mental well being. A place with trees and plants all around will ensure you breath some fresh air. However if the target of the person is to lose weight, then he should continue jogging five or more times in a week. The time period should also be stretched from half an hour to forty five minutes for effective results.

Strength building exercise

Strength building exercises are also referred to as anaerobic exercises. These exercises do not have the benefits that an individual may derive by practicing the aerobic exercises. However they are not totally devoid of benefits. These exercises help to make the muscles and bones stronger. Short and intense efforts are required on the part of the individual. Individuals who work out by using weights or any equipment with weights involved are involved in strength building exercises. These exercises help to increase their metabolism. These exercises are helpful in making the muscles larger. The muscles in an individual use calories for energy even when the body is resting. So increasing the muscle amount, an individual burns more calories. Strength training daily will help in training your body and making you look lean. This is also a great exercise to lose weight. Performing these exercises twice or thrice a week should be done for best results. An individual should warm up for five to ten minutes before indulging in any strength training exercises.

Flexibility exercises

Flexibility exercise, which are also referred to as anaerobic exercise by many individuals helps in the toning of your muscle through the process of stretching. Arms across chest, triceps stretch, shoulder and chest stretch, adductor stretch are the other forms of stretch exercises that an individual can perform.This help in the long term prevention of muscular or joint problems later in individuals. Individuals opting for a well balanced exercise program after the surgery should ensure that flexibility exercises are included in the schedule.


Walking is a good aerobic exercise which individuals can do for recovering fast from bariatric surgery. Large muscle groups are involved in this exercise. This exercise can be performed for long periods of time. Walking helps your body to use the oxygen in a more efficient manner. This helps in delivering maximum beneficial effects to an individual’s lungs, heart and the circulatory system. Twenty minutes of walking in the park or in your neighborhood is a good way to start this exercise schedule. Doing these exercises twice or thrice a week is also helpful for the health and well being of an individual. If losing weight is the target of the individual, he should walk more. Half an hour to forty five minutes of walking for five days in a week should be done to achieve this target.


Cycling is one of the simplest and yet one of the most effective of aerobic exercises. An individual can cycle up or down a road and engage large group of muscles while going up and coming down the same road. This process can be continued by the individual without causing any potential damage to the body of the individual. The physical exertion of your body during cycling will force it to make the most of the available oxygen content in your body. Cycling is a god form of exercise and especially for maintaining the good health of your heart, lungs and even the circulatory system. Cycling up or down a steep road will be very beneficial for people who want to lose weight. The individual can see how much time he needs to complete the process of going up and coming down. He can even fix time for himself and see whether he can complete the path in time. Cycling for half an hour to forty five minutes is enough for an individual to lose weight. For individuals who want to maintain their fitness level in good terms, they should cycle for at least twenty minutes two or three times a week.


Yoga has been found to have influenced not only the physical health of the individual but also his mental health and well being too. One of the ancient exercise forms, yoga can be very helpful for individuals who have undergone bariatric surgery. Yoga helps in calming the mind and soothing the nerves. This helps in focusing the attention on the various yoga postures. When an individual does the yoga postures with full concentration, the effect is bound to show in their body. Yoga postures also help in building strength in the body of an individual. Power yoga is extremely popular among individuals for losing weight. This yoga combines strength building with calorie burning. Hot yoga is also another effective way of losing weight. Performed in a hot room, this yoga makes you sweat immensely and this leads to your shedding calories. Ashtanga yoga is a rigorous form of yoga. For individuals who will embark on this yoga, they will have to do a few classes on motivation. These classes will help in increasing the motivation of the individuals. This yoga form uses the same style of postures every time. Once an individual becomes acquainted with the postures, he can do

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