12 Simple Tips for Keeping Your Skin Clear

Clear Skin

Dealing with blemishes and acne can be very frustrating, more so when you have an important appointment like a wedding, job interview, or an upcoming presentation at work. You may not have the time to hide them or to properly treat them right away with an appropriate skincare product.Fortunately, it is possible prevent and reduce the risk of blemishes and acne, saving you the time and effort of dealing with them.

Here are some effective tips to keep your skin clear:

  1. Keep your face clean. Make it a habit to regularly wash with a cleanser every morning, before bed time, and after working out. A good example of a cleanser is Banila Co.’s Clean It Zero as it can also be used to remove makeup and has exfoliating properties.

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  1. Don’t leave makeup on overnightAcne can develop on your face overnight due to your pores being clogged by impurities. Make sure to remove your makeup before going to sleep. By usingan exfoliating brush,you can better remove the makeup and dirt trapped within in your pores.
  1. If something touches your face, it has to be clean. Dirt, oil, and bacteria can be transferred to your face through direct contact, and these can cause skin problems.The following are some tipsyou shouldtake note of:
    1. Try to minimize the times that you touch your face since your hands can carry impurities and microbes from objects that you’ve touched like door knobs, computer keyboards, and cash. If possible, wash your hands with soap and water, or use a hand sanitizer beforehand.
    2. Change pillow cases at least once a week.
    3. Clean your glasses or sunglasses with alcohol or sanitizer.
    4. Clean your makeup brushes every 2 weeks.
    5. Use anti-bacterial wipes to regularly clean your cell phone.
  1. Watch out for the hair.Try to keep your hair from your face as oil and hair care products can be transferred to your face and clog your pores.


  1. Protect your skin by using sunscreen daily.Sunscreen that offers protection of at least SPF 30 is recommended to keep your skin safe from damaging UV rays of the sun. Sun exposure can cause uneven skin tone, peeling and blistering, and even serious conditions like skin cancer.
  1. Stress can cause acne. It may be difficult at times, but lowering your stress levels can be an effective way to prevent breakouts. Exercising, yoga, and other relaxing activities can also be beneficial for your skin.
  1. Drink lots of water.Keep yourself hydrated, especially if you have been working out. Your skin will try to produce oil if it’s dry, making it more susceptible to acne. If you find it difficult to find time to drink water during the day, keep a glass of water on your bedside table before going to bed, and drink it as soon as you wake up.

Drink lots of water

  1. Wash your face gently with lukewarm water.Vigorous scrubbing can irritate your skin, so using your hands to gently wash your face is preferable to using a washcloth. Lukewarm water should be used since hot water can cause your skin to dry out. On the other hand, cold water will prevent your pores from opening which can reduce your cleanser’s effectiveness. Once you’re done, gently pat your face dry with a soft towel.
  1. Watch your sugar intake.Reduce your intake of dairy and high glycemic foods as they are known to cause acne. Drink more water and try to avoid sugar-loaded drinks like sodas and juices.
  1. Apply moisturizer. Use a moisturizer as dry skin is more susceptible to acne. Choose an oil-free, non-comedogenic (or non-clogging) formula. Some moisturizers even have sunscreen which can hydrate your skin and protect it from the sun at the same time.

applying Tinted Moisturizer

  1. Always have some oil-absorbing sheets handy. This lets you blot out excess oil and sebum on your face, preventing them from building up and causing problems later.
  1. Visit a dermatologist.Everyone has different skin types and conditions. A dermatologist can help set up a personalized regimen that will be effective specifically for you.

With the right skincare regimen, you can enjoy clean and clear skin that will really make your true beauty shine through.

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