Employee wellness programs can make a difference in productivity

Employee wellness programs

Employee wellness program helps to improve employees’ productivity in various ways, from growing attendance to better performance. The employers find it quite rewarding to see enhance employee productivity through wellness programsThe productivity gradually increases when the employers take initiative to make the workplace enjoyable for the workers.

Studies show that the workers who enjoy their workplace and job, are more productive when compared to unhappy employees. In this article, we will highlight the benefits of corporate wellness employee programs as well as how they help in improving productivity.

  • Reducing healthcare cost:

Healthcare cost

Corporates are opting for various types of wellness programs for their workers to lower the healthcare cost. According to a study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, an employer spends more money for healthcare on an employee who smokes than what is spent on an employee who doesn’t. The healthcare cost is reduced to a great extent with the introduction of a wellness regime; thereby lowering the overall company expenditure.

Companies endorsing wellness programs for their employees usually participate in making their workers aware of the public health risks like heart attack, cancer, and stroke. If the employees are more conscious with their health, then it will help to reduce the health insurance cost of the employers.

  • Increase the level of concentration:

 level of concentration

A wellness program can help employees improve their health and increase the level of concentration at work. Most of the renowned corporates encourage their employees to attend wellness programs that includes yoga and meditation. Yoga and meditation help to increase concentration at work and reduce stress levels. The wellness program helps to stabilize the employees’ mental health, helping them focus on their work and  enhance employee productivity through wellness programs without inducing stress

  • Reduced number of absenteeism:


Health issues and work-related injuries keep employees away from the office. Other serious health issues like obesity, high blood sugar, hypertension, lack of sleep etc. affect their mind and body. This can be controlled with wellness programs. Most companies have introduced wellness emails where wellness tips are shared with their employees.

Some companies have started arranging for fresh fruit snacks in the evening for the betterment of the employees. Zumba classes or fitness break are introduced in most of the offices as it motivates the employee to attend office regularly.

Almost 42 corporate wellness studies found that by adopting a wellness program at work the percentage of sick leaves and absenteeism dropped down 25%. Even the costs incurred for health care expenses decreased by 25%. Another point that was noted was that companies saved nearly 32% on workers’ disability costs and compensation.

“All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy”, wellness programs help to motivate employees to come to the office and maintain a disciplined lifestyle. Good health works as a self-motivator, so you can concentrate on your work to increase efficiency. Most of the organizations are introducing wellness programs for better productivity.

This is why a corporate should take initiative to emphasize on corporate wellness as well as employee well-being. These initiatives helps to increase the level of engagement among the employees and in return, help to increase their productivity.

The companies can retain more staff by lowering the workers’ health risk factors and improving overall health by adopting wellness programs. If their mental and physical stress is reduced, then they can manage to focus on their assigned work as well as increase their productivity. If the employees do not avail sick leaves too often, then they can invest more time to generate revenue for the company.

A final note

 suffering from work stress

The number of people suffering from work stress, high blood pressure or physical inactiveness will decline by more than half with the help of corporate wellness employee programs.

In fact, not only the employees but also the employers are benefitted from such programs. The organizations can save a huge amount on healthcare cost.

The employee wellness programs help to build a bridge of trust between the employer and employee. Health wellness is a personal issue, so employers’ investing on it helps to create a deep bond of trust and commitment with their employees.

A large number of companies are using the wellness program for better productivity as well as for chipping away the rising healthcare cost on the employees, which are increasing with the aging workforce.

Across the world, the employers have realized the importance of happy and healthy employees. 

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